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2020-12-08SophosSean Gallagher, Anand Aijan, Gabor Szappanos, Syed Shahram, Bill Kearney, Mark Loman, Peter Mackenzie, Sergio Bestulic
@online{gallagher:20201208:egregor:fe48cfd, author = {Sean Gallagher and Anand Aijan and Gabor Szappanos and Syed Shahram and Bill Kearney and Mark Loman and Peter Mackenzie and Sergio Bestulic}, title = {{Egregor ransomware: Maze’s heir apparent}}, date = {2020-12-08}, organization = {Sophos}, url = {}, language = {English}, urldate = {2020-12-08} } Egregor ransomware: Maze’s heir apparent
Egregor Maze
2020-10-28SophosLabs UncutSean Gallagher, Peter Mackenzie, Elida Leite, Syed Shahram, Bill Kearny, Anand Ajjan, Brett Cove, Gabor Szappanos
@online{gallagher:20201028:hacks:8e1d051, author = {Sean Gallagher and Peter Mackenzie and Elida Leite and Syed Shahram and Bill Kearny and Anand Ajjan and Brett Cove and Gabor Szappanos}, title = {{Hacks for sale: inside the Buer Loader malware-as-a-service}}, date = {2020-10-28}, organization = {SophosLabs Uncut}, url = {}, language = {English}, urldate = {2020-11-02} } Hacks for sale: inside the Buer Loader malware-as-a-service
Buer Ryuk Zloader