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2021-02-03Seguranca InformaticaPedro Tavares
New cryptojacking malware called Pro-Ocean is now attacking Apache, Oracle and Redis servers
2020-09-15Seguranca InformaticaPedro Tavares
Threat analysis: The emergent URSA trojan impacts many countries using a sophisticated loader
2020-07-06Seguranca InformaticaPedro Tavares
New release of Lampion trojan spreads in Portugal with some improvements on the VBS downloader
2020-06-13Seguranca InformaticaPedro Tavares
TroyStealer – A new info stealer targeting Portuguese Internet users
2020-06-01Seguranca InformaticaPedro Tavares
In-depth analysis of a trojan banker impacting Portugal and Brazil
2020-05-26Seguranca InformaticaPedro Tavares
The updated Grandoreiro Malware equipped with latenbot-C2 features in Q2 2020 now extended to Portuguese banks
2020-05-11Seguranca InformaticaPedro Tavares
Trojan Lampion is back after 3 months
2020-05-06Seguranca InformaticaPedro Tavares
Brazilian trojan banker is targeting Portuguese users using browser overlay
2020-04-28Seguranca InformaticaPedro Tavares
Banking Phishing | Targets Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Chile | From Brazil | Infection process
2020-04-15Seguranca InformaticaPedro Tavares
Hackers are again attacking Portuguese banking organizations via Android Trojan-Banker
2019-12-26Seguranca InformaticaPedro Tavares
Targeting Portugal: A new trojan ‘Lampion’ has spread using template emails from the Portuguese Government Finance & Tax