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2021-12-16Check Point ResearchAlexey Bukhteyev
Phorpiex botnet is back with a new Twizt: Hijacking Hundreds of crypto transactions
2021-12-08Check Point ResearchAliaksandr Trafimchuk, David Driker, Raman Ladutska, Yali Magiel
When old friends meet again: why Emotet chose Trickbot for rebirth
Emotet TrickBot
2021-11-16Twitter (@_CPResearch_)Check Point Research
Tweet on 32bit version of CVE-2021-1732 exploited by BITTER group
2021-11-15Check Point ResearchCheck Point Research
Uncovering MosesStaff techniques: Ideology over Money
DCSrv MosesStaff
2021-11-03Check Point ResearchAbedalla Hadra, Arie Olshtein
Mekotio Banker Returns with Improved Stealth and Ancient Encryption
2021-10-12Twitter (@_CPResearch_)Check Point Research
Tweet of re-emergence phorpiex with a new "Twizt" module
2021-09-29Check Point ResearchBohdan Melnykov, Israel Wernik
PixStealer: a new wave of Android banking Trojans abusing Accessibility Services
2021-08-14Check Point ResearchCheckpoint Research
Indra — Hackers Behind Recent Attacks on Iran
Meteor Predatory Sparrow
2021-07-21Check PointCheck Point Research
Top prevalent malware with a thousand campaigns migrates to macOS
2021-07-01Check PointCheck Point Research
IndigoZebra APT continues to attack Central Asia with evolving tools
BoxCaon xCaon IndigoZebra
2021-06-02Check Point ResearchCheck Point Research
SharpPanda: Chinese APT Group Targets Southeast Asian Government With Previously Unknown Backdoor
2021-05-27Check PointCheck Point Research
Uyghurs, a Turkic ethnic minority in China, targeted via fake foundations - Check Point Research
2021-04-08CheckpointCheck Point Research
Iran’s APT34 Returns with an Updated Arsenal
DNSpionage SideTwist TONEDEAF
2021-04-07Check Point ResearchAviran Hazum, Bodgan Melnykov, Israel Wenik
New Wormable Android Malware Spreads by Creating Auto-Replies to Messages in WhatsApp
2021-03-11Check Point ResearchAlex Ilgayev
Playing in the (Windows) Sandbox
2021-03-09Check Point ResearchAviran Hazum, Bohdan Melnykov, Israel Wernik
Clast82 – A new Dropper on Google Play Dropping the AlienBot Banker and MRAT
2021-02-22Check Point ResearchEyal Itkin, Itay Cohen
The Story of Jian – How APT31 Stole and Used an Unknown Equation Group 0-Day
2021-02-22Check Point ResearchEyal Itkin, Itay Cohen
The Story of Jian – How APT31 Stole and Used an Unknown Equation Group 0-Day
2021-02-16Check PointCheck Point Research
ApoMacroSploit: Apocalyptical FUD race
2021-02-08CheckpointCheck Point Research
Domestic Kitten – An Inside Look at the Iranian Surveillance Operations
FurBall Domestic Kitten