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Roaming Mantis


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2023-02-19Medium System WeaknessLena (LambdaMamba)
Investigating a Fake KDDI Smishing Campaign that abuses Duck DNS
Roaming Mantis
2023-01-23Medium System WeaknessLena (LambdaMamba)
A "strange font" Smishing Campaign that changes behaviour based on User-Agent, and abuses Duck DNS
Roaming Mantis
2022-02-07Kaspersky LabsSuguru Ishimaru
Roaming Mantis reaches Europe
Roaming Mantis Wroba
2021-05-05Kashif Ali Surfeit and Blasé SecurityKashif Ali
Roaming Mantis Amplifies Smishing Campaign with OS-Specific Android Malware
MoqHao Roaming Mantis
2020-02-27Kaspersky LabsSuguru Ishimaru
Roaming Mantis, part V: Distributed in 2019 using SMiShing and enhanced anti-researcher techniques
FunkyBot MoqHao Roaming Mantis
2019-01-01Kaspersky LabsHiroaki Ogawa, Manabu Niseki, Suguru Ishimaru
Roaming Mantis: an Anatomy of a DNS Hijacking Campaign
MoqHao Roaming Mantis
2018-05-18Kaspersky LabsSuguru Ishimaru
Roaming Mantis dabbles in mining and phishing multilingually
Roaming Mantis
2018-04-16Kaspersky LabsSuguru Ishimaru
Roaming Mantis uses DNS hijacking to infect Android smartphones
Roaming Mantis

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