Malpedia is a free service offered by Fraunhofer FKIE.
Administration is lead by Daniel Plohmann and Steffen Enders.

Mission Statement:

The primary goal of Malpedia is to provide a resource for rapid identification and actionable context when investigating malware. Openness to curated contributions shall ensure an accountable level of quality in order to foster meaningful and reproducible research.

Furthermore, since Malpedia allows some degree of interaction between users, please follow Bill and Ted's great philosophy: Be excellent to each other.
In order to achieve this, please respect the following terms of service:

Terms of service

We generally offer this service in the same spirit data was offered by
Thus, our terms are heavily inspired by their statement:

Your account

Being your personalized entry ticket for many features of this service, it needs no clarification that we expect you to keep the credentials to yourself.
We decided against self-chosen passwords and opt for an API key principle instead, to minimize potential damage should the service ever be compromised. Please note that Malpedia is operated as an invite-only trust group. As every registration has undergone vetting, we expect you to behave accordingly to honor the trust of whoever has vouched for you. Violations of these terms or other intentionally harmful behaviour may lead to suspension or termination of your account and potentially also fall back to your patrons.

What data is recorded?

We log all requests being made (username, IP address) for the sole purpose of being able to identify excessive use/abuse of the service.
Furthermore, we use this history of your activities to track contributions and potentially award achievements. We will never share the data recorded with anyone nor do we intend to monetize submitted data in any way.

How can you use the data?

This we treat exactly the same way as

The whole content of the website is released under Creative Common's CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. The general guideline regarding redistribution of the material that is not publicly accessible is to treat it TLP:AMBER (unless designated or agreed upon otherwise). Feel free to contact us for additional information or possible alternative agreements.
Our informal policy is that you can do pretty much what you want with it as long as you maintain the credits and you don't abuse it to make a profit off of the Malpedia community efforts.


We refuse to take liability for any damage caused by the service. Since it is a very poisonous collection of data, we

Understand this in the following way:

We cannot guarantee correctness of the data being presented but since we use it intensively ourselves we have high interest to have it be as accurate as possible.

Everything is provided as is and we try to maintain high availability but underlie all the same effects that you face when putting a service on the Internet.

In case of questions

Please contact us via email: ed.refohnuarf.eikf@nnamholp.leinad