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aka: LEMPO

Actor(s): Tortoiseshell

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2022-03-30Recorded FutureInsikt Group
Social Engineering Remains Key Tradecraft for Iranian APTs
Liderc pupy
2021-07-28ProofpointCrista Giering, Joshua Miller, Michael Raggi
I Knew You Were Trouble: TA456 Targets Defense Contractor with Alluring Social Media Persona
Liderc SysKit
2021-07-15FacebookDavid Agranovich, Mike Dvilyanski
Taking Action Against Hackers in Iran
Liderc SysKit
2019-09-24Cisco TalosJungsoo An, Paul Rascagnères, Warren Mercer
How Tortoiseshell created a fake veteran hiring website to host malware
Liderc SysKit

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