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According to SecurityScorecard, Stealerium is an open-source stealer available on GitHub. The malware steals information from browsers, cryptocurrency wallets, and applications such as Discord, Pidgin, Outlook, Telegram, Skype, Element, Signal, Tox, Steam, Minecraft, and VPN clients. The binary also gathers data about the infected host, such as the running processes, Desktop and webcam screenshots, Wi-Fi networks, the Windows product key, and the public and private IP address. The stealer employs multiple anti-analysis techniques, such as detecting virtual machines, sandboxes, and malware analysis tools and checking if the process is being debugged. The malware also embedded a keylogger module and a clipper module that replaces cryptocurrency wallet addresses with the threat actor’s addresses if the victim makes a transaction. The stolen information is sent to a Discord channel using a Discord Webhook.

2023-02-07SecurityScorecardVlad Pasca
A Detailed Analysis of a New Stealer Called Stealerium
2022-04-24Github (Stealerium)kgnfth
Github Repository for Stealerium

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