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ZeroEvil is a malware that seems to be distributed by an ARSguarded VBS loader.

It first connects to a gate.php (version=). Upon success, an embedded VBS gets started connecting to logs_gate.php (plugin=, report=).
So far, only one embedded VBS was observed: it creates and starts a PowerShell script to retrieve all password from the Windows.Security.Credentials.PasswordVault. Apart from that, a screenshot is taken and a list of running processes generated.

The ZeroEvil executable contains multiple DLLs, sqlite3.dll, ze_core.DLL (Mutex) and ze_autorun.DLL (Run-Key).

2018-10-05BluelivBlueliv Labs Team
@online{team:20181005:ars:73951a5, author = {Blueliv Labs Team}, title = {{ARS Loader evolution, a new stealer (ZeroEvil) and AirNaine (TA545)}}, date = {2018-10-05}, organization = {Blueliv}, url = {}, language = {English}, urldate = {2020-01-08} } ARS Loader evolution, a new stealer (ZeroEvil) and AirNaine (TA545)
ARS VBS Loader ZeroEvil

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