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2024-03-24ViuleeenzAlessandro Strino
Understanding API Hashing and build a rainbow table for LummaStealer
Lumma Stealer
2024-02-04ViuleeenzAlessandro Strino
Understanding PEB and LDR Structures using IDA and LummaStealer
Lumma Stealer
2023-12-20ViuleeenzAlessandro Strino
Applied Emulation - Decrypting Ursnif strings with Unicorn
2023-11-15ViuleeenzAlessandro Strino
Applied Emulation - Analysis of MarsStealer
Mars Stealer
2023-10-25ViuleeenzAlessandro Strino
Vidar - payload inspection with static analysis
2023-08-29ViuleeenzAlessandro Strino
Agent Tesla - Building an effective decryptor
Agent Tesla
2023-06-27ViuleeenzAlessandro Strino
IDA-Python - Locate a function independently from its offset
2023-05-08ViuleeenzAlessandro Strino
Extracting DDosia targets from process memory
2023-03-21CleafyAlessandro Strino, Federico Valentini, Francesco Iubatti
Nexus: a new Android botnet?
2023-03-14ViuleeenzAlessandro Strino
Dynamic Binary Instrumentation for Malware Analysis
2023-02-03CleafyAlessandro Strino, Francesco Iubatti
PixPirate: a new Brazilian Banking Trojan
2022-06-17CleafyAlessandro Strino, Francesco Iubatti
BRATA is evolving into an Advanced Persistent Threat
2019-09-02ViuleeenzAlessandro Strino
Manually unpacking of packed executable