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2021-06-18Bleeping ComputerSergiu Gatlan
Poland blames Russia for breach, theft of Polish officials' emails
2021-06-16Bleeping ComputerSergiu Gatlan
US convicts Russian national behind Kelihos botnet crypting service
2021-06-04Bleeping ComputerSergiu Gatlan
FreakOut malware worms its way into vulnerable VMware servers
2021-06-03Bleeping ComputerSergiu Gatlan
Chinese threat actors hacked NYC MTA using Pulse Secure zero-day
2021-06-01Bleeping ComputerSergiu Gatlan
Critical WordPress plugin zero-day under active exploitation
2021-05-19Bleeping ComputerSergiu Gatlan
May Android security updates patch 4 zero-days exploited in the wild
2021-05-14Bleeping ComputerSergiu Gatlan
QNAP warns of eCh0raix ransomware attacks, Roon Server zero-day
2021-04-28BleepingComputerSergiu Gatlan
Cyberspies target military organizations with new Nebulae backdoor
2021-04-20Bleeping ComputerSergiu Gatlan
REvil gang tries to extort Apple, threatens to sell stolen blueprints
2021-03-25Bleeping ComputerSergiu Gatlan
Evil Corp switches to Hades ransomware to evade sanctions
Hades WastedLocker
2021-02-24Bleeping ComputerSergiu Gatlan
NASA and the FAA were also breached by the SolarWinds hackers
2021-02-05Bleeping ComputerSergiu Gatlan
Microsoft warns of increasing OAuth Office 365 phishing attacks
2021-01-26Bleeping ComputerSergiu Gatlan
Mimecast links security breach to SolarWinds hackers
2021-01-04Bleeping ComputerSergiu Gatlan
TransLink confirms ransomware data theft, still restoring systems
2020-12-30Bleeping ComputerSergiu Gatlan
Emotet malware hits Lithuania's National Public Health Center
2020-12-22Bleeping ComputerSergiu Gatlan
Biden blasts Trump administration over SolarWinds attack response
2020-11-13Bleeping ComputerSergiu Gatlan
Biotech research firm Miltenyi Biotec hit by ransomware, data leaked
Mount Locker
2020-11-05Bleeping ComputerSergiu Gatlan
Brazil's court system under massive RansomExx ransomware attack
2020-07-28Bleeping ComputerSergiu Gatlan
Emotet malware now steals your email attachments to attack contacts
2020-07-24BleepingComputerSergiu Gatlan
Garmin outage caused by confirmed WastedLocker ransomware attack