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2023-02-02ESTsecurityEST Security
North Korea hacking organization, Fair Trade Commission impersonation phishing attack in progress
2021-02-01EST SecurityAlyac
Thallium organization conducts elaborate cyber attack against Russian researchers working in the North Korean economyPerforming sophisticated cyber attacks against researchers
2021-01-03EST SecurityAlyac
Thallium organization exploits private stock investment messenger to attack software supply chain
2020-12-17EST SecurityAlyac
Thallium organization attacks domestic blockchain company with documents of non-delinquency confirmation
2020-12-15EST SecurityAlyac
Goldstar 121 organization proceeds with HWP OLE-based APT attack
2020-03-30EST SecurityAlyac
The 'Spy Cloud' Operation: Geumseong121 group carries out the APT attack disguising the evidence of North Korean defection
2019-08-20EST SecurityEST Security
Lazarus Continues 'Movie Coin' Campaign Disguised as Calling Document Request
2019-08-19EST SecurityEast Security Response Center
Konni APT organization emerges as an attack disguised as Russian document
2019-02-18EST Securityunknown, unknown
Trojan.Android.SmsAgent 악성코드 분석 보고서
2016-09-27Best Security ResearchAlex Dimchev
New Voldemort/Nagini Ransomware Virus Infection