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2023-08-28Github (cocomelonc)cocomelonc
Malware and cryptography 20: encrypt/decrypt payload via Skipjack. Simple C++ example.
2023-08-13Github (cocomelonc)cocomelonc
Malware and cryptography 1: encrypt/decrypt payload via RC5. Simple C++ example.
2023-07-16Github (cocomelonc)cocomelonc
Malware development: persistence - part 22. Windows Setup. Simple C++ example.
2023-07-07Github (cocomelonc)cocomelonc
Malware development trick - part 34: Find PID via WTSEnumerateProcesses. Simple C++ example.
2023-06-26Github (cocomelonc)cocomelonc
Malware AV/VM evasion - part 18: encrypt/decrypt payload via modular multiplication-based block cipher. Simple C++ example.
2023-06-19Github (cocomelonc)cocomelonc
Malware AV/VM evasion - part 17: bypass UAC via fodhelper.exe. Simple C++ example.
2023-06-15Github (cocomelonc)cocomelonc
Malware analysis report: Babuk ransomware
2023-06-04Github (cocomelonc)cocomelonc
Malware development trick - part 31: Run shellcode via SetTimer. Simple C++ example.
2023-03-09Github (cocomelonc)cocomelonc
Malware AV/VM evasion - part 13: encrypt/decrypt payload via Madryga. Simple C++ example.
2022-04-02Github (cocomelonc)cocomelonc
Malware development tricks. Find kernel32.dll base: asm style. C++ example.