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2023-05-03unpac.meSean Wilson
UnpacMe Weekly: New Version of IcedId Loader
IcedID PhotoLoader
2022-03-02Youtube (OALabs)Sean Wilson, Sergei Frankoff
Botleggers Exposed - Analysis of The Conti Leaks Malware
2020-01-26Youtube (OALabs)Sean Wilson, Sergei Frankoff
IDA Pro Automated String Decryption For REvil Ransomware
2019-05-05Youtube (LiveOverflow)LiveOverflow, Sean Wilson, Sergei Frankoff
Unpacking Redaman Malware & Basics of Self-Injection Packers - ft. OALabs
2018-11-09Youtube (OALabs)Sean Wilson, Sergei Frankoff
Reverse Engineering IcedID / Bokbot Malware Part 2