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2016-02-01Blue Coat Systems IncSnorre Fagerland
From Seoul to Sony The History of the Darkseoul Group and the Sony Intrusion Malware Destover
Joanap Sierra(Alfa,Bravo, ...)
2014-12-09Blue CoatSnorre Fagerland, Waylon Grange
Blue Coat Exposes “The Inception Framework”; Very Sophisticated, Layered Malware Attack Targeted at Military, Diplomats, and Business Execs
CloudAtlas Inception Framework
2014-12-09Blue CoatSnorre Fagerland, Waylon Grange
The Inception Framework: Cloud-hosted APT
Inception Framework
2013-12-11Norman SharkSnorre Fagerland
The Chinese Malware Complexes: The Maudi Surveillance Operation
2013-11-05F-SecureSnorre Fagerland
Operation Hangover: Unveiling an Indian Cyberattack Infrastructure
2013-05-01Norman SharkJonathan Camp, Morten Kråkvik, Ned Moran, Snorre Fagerland
Operation Hangover
2012-01-01Norman ASASnorre Fagerland
The many faces of Gh0st Rat
Ghost RAT