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2021-06-07Twitter (@James_inthe_box)James_inthe_box
Tweet on characteristic strings in snake keylogger
404 Keylogger
2021-06-03Twitter (@James_inthe_box)James_inthe_box
Tweet on AskarLoader malware
2021-02-03Twitter (@James_inthe_box)James_inthe_box
Tiwtter thread on Nim rewrite of Bazarloader
2020-08-14Twitter (@James_inthe_box)James_inthe_box
Tweet on Echelon Stealer
2020-05-12Twitter (@James_inthe_box)James_inthe_box
Tweet on Himera Loader
Himera Loader
2018-10-01Twitter (@James_inthe_box)James_inthe_box
Tweet on DGA using TLD xyz