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This page shall give you a walk through over the features of Malpedia. We currently have the following topics covered:

Inventory: Family Overview

The family overview is a tabular summary of the Malpedia's repository contents, which are stored as a git repository in the backend.
You can use the search bar to quickly narrow down the table to families of interest. It will use the following fields as selectors (case ignored, demonstrated with Molerats's "SharpStage"):

Using an actor name can be used to filter to the families tied to it.
The "status" column shows the current progress of documenting the respective family:

Inventory: Family Details

Clicking a family in the family overview leads to the family details page. Here, additional information can be read on the respective family. Among other things, this may include:

The family details contain several details on the family.

Inventory: Content Change Proposals

On a family's page, you can also propose a range of changes to augment Malpedia's data. The categories for which you can propose changes are:

Proposing a change works by selecting the respective category and then providing the value and a explanation to support the change proposal
Before a change proposal is accepted, it has to be accepted through Malpedia's Peer Review process. For now, we use a double-blind peer review process, in which a proposal has to receive at least two positive (out of three possible) reviews to be accepted. In simple cases, this may be accelerated by requiring a single positive review.

Using RSS/Atom feeds

We offer both RSS and Atom feeds. However, only the RSS variance will be listed below. If you like to use Atom then simply substitute rss with atom inside the corresponding URLs. The following feeds are currently available:

In case of questions

Please contact us via email: ed.refohnuarf.eikf@nnamholp.leinad