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Altahrea Team is a pro-Iranian hacking group that has been active since at least 2020. The group has claimed responsibility for a number of cyberattacks, including DDoS attacks against Israeli websites, a hack of the Israel Airports Authority website, and a cyberattack on the Orot Yosef power plant in Israel.

Associated Families

There are currently no families associated with this actor.

2022-08-03Kaspersky LabsAlexander Gutnikov, Oleg Kupreev, Yaroslav Shmelev
DDoS attacks in Q2 2022
Altahrea Team
Iraqi hacker group 'ALtahrea Team' targets Israeli IT, e-commerce companies in major cyber attack: Reports
Altahrea Team
2022-07-17The Times of IsraelTOI Staff
Cyberattack on Health Ministry website blocks overseas access
Altahrea Team
2022-07-14TechMonitorClaudia Glover
Expert doubts Altahrea Team’s claims about Israel power plant fire
Altahrea Team

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