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The latest in this long line of Mirai scourges is a new variant named Echobot. Coming to life in mid-May, the malware was first described by Palo Alto Networks in a report published at the start of June, and then again in a report by security researchers from Akamai, in mid-June.

When it was first spotted by Palo Alto Networks researchers in early June, Echobot was using exploits for 18 vulnerabilities. In the Akamai report, a week later, Echobot was at 26.

2019-12-18F5 LabsEli Kreminchuker, Maxim Zavodchik, Raymond Pompon
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2019-12-13Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Ruchna Nigam
Mirai Variant ECHOBOT Resurfaces with 13 Previously Unexploited Vulnerabilities
Echobot Mirai
2019-08-06Bleeping ComputerIonut Ilascu
New Echobot Botnet Variant Uses Over 50 Exploits to Propagate
2019-06-13AkamaiLarry Cashdollar
Latest ECHOBOT: 26 Infection Vectors
2019-06-06Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Ruchna Nigam
New Mirai Variant Adds 8 New Exploits, Targets Additional IoT Devices
Echobot Mirai

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