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Mirai is one of the first significant botnets targeting exposed networking devices running Linux. Found in August 2016 by MalwareMustDie, its name means "future" in Japanese. Nowadays it targets a wide range of networked embedded devices such as IP cameras, home routers (many vendors involved), and other IoT devices. Since the source code was published on "Hack Forums" many variants of the Mirai family appeared, infecting mostly home networks all around the world.

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Hackers Exploiting Spring4Shell Vulnerability to Deploy Mirai Botnet Malware
2022-04-08Trend MicroAshish Verma, Deep Patel, Nitesh Surana
CVE-2022-22965: Analyzing the Exploitation of Spring4Shell Vulnerability in Weaponizing and Executing the Mirai Botnet Malware
2022-04-01360 netlabhouliuyang, 黄安欣
What Our Honeypot Sees Just One Day After The Spring4Shell Advisory
2022-04-01FortinetJoie Salvio, Roy Tay
Fresh TOTOLINK Vulnerabilities Picked Up by Beastmode Mirai Campaign
2022-03-15JPCERT/CCShusei Tomonaga
Anti-UPX Unpacking Technique
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2022-02-25360 netlabGhost
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2022-02-16NetScoutRoland Dobbins, Steinthor Bjarnason
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2022-01-13CrowdStrikeMihai Maganu
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2022-01-04forensicitguyTony Lambert
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2021-12-15ZscalerRubin Azad
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2021-09-18MicrosoftRussell McDonald
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2021-09-07CUJOAIAlbert Zsigovits
Threat Alert: Mirai/Gafgyt Fork with New DDoS Modules Discovered
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2021-08-30Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Brock Mammen, Haozhe Zhang
New Mirai Variant Targets WebSVN Command Injection Vulnerability (CVE-2021-32305)
Dark.IoT Botnet Realtek AP-Router SDK Vulnerability CVE-2021-35395
Dark Mirai
2021-08-22YouTube (Uriel Kosayev)Uriel Kosayev
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2021-07-01360 netlabAlex.Turing, Chai Linyuan, houliuyang, Hui Wang, Jinye
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Automation in Reverse Engineering: String Decryption
2021-06-24FortinetDavid Maciejak, Joie Salvio
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2021-05-17UptycsAshwin Vamshi, Siddartha Sharma
Discovery of Simps Botnet Leads To Ties to Keksec Group
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2021-04-15UptycsSiddharth Sharma
Mirai code re-use in Gafgyt
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2021-03-21BlackberryBlackberry Research
2021 Threat Report
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2021-03-15Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Asher Davila, Ruchna Nigam, Vaibhav Singhal, Zhibin Zhang
New Mirai Variant Targeting New IoT Vulnerabilities, Including in Network Security Devices
2020-12-03360 netlabGenShen Ye, Yanlong Ma
Another LILIN DVR 0-day being used to spread Mirai
2020-10-20AviraAvira Protection Labs
Katana: a new variant of the Mirai botnet
2020-10-14Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Ken Hsu, Qi Deng, Vaibhav Singhal, Yue Guan
Two New IoT Vulnerabilities Identified with Mirai Payloads
2020-09-03Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Haozhe Zhang, Qi Deng, Ruchna Nigam, Zhibin Zhang
Exploits in the Wild for vBulletin Pre-Auth RCE Vulnerability CVE-2020-17496
Mirai PerlBot
2020-08-03IBMAshkan Vila
InfectedNight - Mirai Variant With Massive Attacks On Our Honeypots
2020-07-28Trend MicroFernando Mercês
Mirai Botnet Exploit Weaponized to Attack IoT Devices via CVE-2020-5902
2020-07-08Trend MicroTrend Micro
New Mirai Variant Expands Arsenal, Exploits CVE-2020-10173
2020-05-14paloalto Networks Unit 42Ruchna Nigam
Mirai and Hoaxcalls Botnets Target Legacy Symantec Web Gateways
Bashlite Mirai
2020-03-19Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Ken Hsu, Ruchna Nigam, Zhibin Zhang
New Mirai Variant Targets Zyxel Network-Attached Storage Devices
2020-02-24The MalwareMustDie Blogunixfreakjp
MMD-0066-2020 - Linux/Mirai-Fbot - A re-emerged IoT threat
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2019-12-13Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Ruchna Nigam
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2019-10-02Politie NLPolitie NL
Servers botnet offline
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Mirai Botnet Continues to Plague IoT Space
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New Mirai Variant Adds 8 New Exploits, Targets Additional IoT Devices
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2019-04-12Stratosphere LabMaría José Erquiaga
Analysis of an IRC based Botnet
2019-04-08Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Ruchna Nigam
Mirai Compiled for New Processors Surfaces in the Wild
2019-03-18Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Ruchna Nigam
New Mirai Variant Targets Enterprise Wireless Presentation & Display Systems
2018-12-20Trend MicroAugusto Remillano II, Mark Vicente
With Mirai Comes Miori: IoT Botnet Delivered via ThinkPHP Remote Code Execution Exploit
2018-09-09Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Ruchna Nigam
Multi-exploit IoT/Linux Botnets Mirai and Gafgyt Target Apache Struts, SonicWall
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2018-07-20Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Ruchna Nigam
Unit 42 Finds New Mirai and Gafgyt IoT/Linux Botnet Campaigns
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2017-12-13KrebsOnSecurityBrian Krebs
Mirai IoT Botnet Co-Authors Plead Guilty
2017-11-24Bleeping ComputerCatalin Cimpanu
Mirai Activity Picks up Once More After Publication of PoC Exploit Code
2017-07-15Github (jgamblin)Jerry Gamblin
Mirai BotNet Source Code
2016-10-27Simon Roses Femerling BlogSimon Roses
Mirai DDoS Botnet: Source Code & Binary Analysis
2016-10-01KrebsOnSecurityBrian Krebs
Source Code for IoT Botnet ‘Mirai’ Released
2016-05-02John BambenekJohn Bambenek
Mirai Banjori
Yara Rules
[TLP:WHITE] elf_mirai_auto (20230808 | Detects elf.mirai.)
rule elf_mirai_auto {

        author = "Felix Bilstein - yara-signator at cocacoding dot com"
        date = "2023-12-06"
        version = "1"
        description = "Detects elf.mirai."
        info = "autogenerated rule brought to you by yara-signator"
        tool = "yara-signator v0.6.0"
        signator_config = "callsandjumps;datarefs;binvalue"
        malpedia_reference = ""
        malpedia_rule_date = "20231130"
        malpedia_hash = "fc8a0e9f343f6d6ded9e7df1a64dac0cc68d7351"
        malpedia_version = "20230808"
        malpedia_license = "CC BY-SA 4.0"
        malpedia_sharing = "TLP:WHITE"

     * The strings used in this rule have been automatically selected from the
     * disassembly of memory dumps and unpacked files, using YARA-Signator.
     * The code and documentation is published here:
     * As Malpedia is used as data source, please note that for a given
     * number of families, only single samples are documented.
     * This likely impacts the degree of generalization these rules will offer.
     * Take the described generation method also into consideration when you
     * apply the rules in your use cases and assign them confidence levels.

        $sequence_0 = { 6689432a e8???????? c7433400000000 894330 }
            // n = 4, score = 300
            //   6689432a             | mov                 word ptr [ebx + 0x2a], ax
            //   e8????????           |                     
            //   c7433400000000       | mov                 dword ptr [ebx + 0x34], 0
            //   894330               | mov                 dword ptr [ebx + 0x30], eax

        $sequence_1 = { 89d0 c1e005 01d0 89ca }
            // n = 4, score = 300
            //   89d0                 | mov                 eax, edx
            //   c1e005               | shl                 eax, 5
            //   01d0                 | add                 eax, edx
            //   89ca                 | mov                 edx, ecx

        $sequence_2 = { 894330 c6433801 c6433903 c6433a03 c6433b06 }
            // n = 5, score = 300
            //   894330               | mov                 dword ptr [ebx + 0x30], eax
            //   c6433801             | mov                 byte ptr [ebx + 0x38], 1
            //   c6433903             | mov                 byte ptr [ebx + 0x39], 3
            //   c6433a03             | mov                 byte ptr [ebx + 0x3a], 3
            //   c6433b06             | mov                 byte ptr [ebx + 0x3b], 6

        $sequence_3 = { 66c1e808 d0e8 8d04c0 28c2 }
            // n = 4, score = 300
            //   66c1e808             | shr                 ax, 8
            //   d0e8                 | shr                 al, 1
            //   8d04c0               | lea                 eax, [eax + eax*8]
            //   28c2                 | sub                 dl, al

        $sequence_4 = { 3c19 7705 8d42e0 8801 }
            // n = 4, score = 300
            //   3c19                 | cmp                 al, 0x19
            //   7705                 | ja                  7
            //   8d42e0               | lea                 eax, [edx - 0x20]
            //   8801                 | mov                 byte ptr [ecx], al

        $sequence_5 = { 807c242b00 66894304 7406 66c743064000 c643092f }
            // n = 5, score = 300
            //   807c242b00           | cmp                 byte ptr [esp + 0x2b], 0
            //   66894304             | mov                 word ptr [ebx + 4], ax
            //   7406                 | je                  8
            //   66c743064000         | mov                 word ptr [ebx + 6], 0x40
            //   c643092f             | mov                 byte ptr [ebx + 9], 0x2f

        $sequence_6 = { 66894104 7406 66c741064000 c6410911 }
            // n = 4, score = 300
            //   66894104             | mov                 word ptr [ecx + 4], ax
            //   7406                 | je                  8
            //   66c741064000         | mov                 word ptr [ecx + 6], 0x40
            //   c6410911             | mov                 byte ptr [ecx + 9], 0x11

        $sequence_7 = { 8b1408 895310 8b54080c 66895314 }
            // n = 4, score = 300
            //   8b1408               | mov                 edx, dword ptr [eax + ecx]
            //   895310               | mov                 dword ptr [ebx + 0x10], edx
            //   8b54080c             | mov                 edx, dword ptr [eax + ecx + 0xc]
            //   66895314             | mov                 word ptr [ebx + 0x14], dx

        7 of them and filesize < 2228224
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