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MOUSEISLAND is a Microsoft Word macro downloader used as the first infection stage and is delivered inside a password-protected zip attached to a phishing email. Based on Fireeye intrusion data from responding to ICEDID related incidents, the secondary payload delivered by MOUSEISLAND has been PHOTOLOADER, which acts as an intermediary downloader to install ICEDID.

2021-02-25FireEyeBryce Abdo, Brendan McKeague, Van Ta
@online{abdo:20210225:so:88f3400, author = {Bryce Abdo and Brendan McKeague and Van Ta}, title = {{So Unchill: Melting UNC2198 ICEDID to Ransomware Operations}}, date = {2021-02-25}, organization = {FireEye}, url = {}, language = {English}, urldate = {2021-03-02} } So Unchill: Melting UNC2198 ICEDID to Ransomware Operations
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