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Chisel is an open-source project by Jaime Pillora (jpillora) that allows tunneling TCP and UDP connections via HTTP. It is available across platforms and written in Go. While benign in itself, Chisel has been utilized by multiple threat actors. It was for example observed by SentinelOne during a PYSA ransomware campaign to achieve persistence and used as backdoor.

2022-09-12Arctic WolfAlex Ammons, Arctic Wolf Labs Team, Markus Neis, Ross Phillips, Steven Campbell, Teresa Whitmore
Chiseling In: Lorenz Ransomware Group Cracks MiVoice And Calls Back For Free
Chisel Lorenz
2022-04-18SentinelOneJames Haughom
From the Front Lines | Peering into A PYSA Ransomware Attack
Chisel Chisel Cobalt Strike Mespinoza

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