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2021-10-07KasperskyAseel Kayal, Mark Lechtik, Paul Rascagnères
LYCEUM Reborn: Counterintelligence in the Middle East
danbot LYCEUM
2021-09-30KasperskyAseel Kayal, Mark Lechtik, Paul Rascagnères, Vasily Berdnikov
GhostEmperor: From ProxyLogon to kernel mode
GhostEmperor GhostEmperor
2021-07-14KasperskyAseel Kayal, Mark Lechtik, Paul Rascagnères
LuminousMoth APT: Sweeping attacks for the chosen few
Cobalt Strike
2019-10-02Virus BulletinAseel Kayal, Lotem Finkelstein
Domestic Kitten: an Iranian surveillance program