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2020-09-08Trend MicroAugusto Remillano II
Exposed Docker Server Abused to Drop Cryptominer, DDoS Bot
2020-06-22Trend MicroAugusto Remillano II
XORDDoS, Kaiji Botnet Malware Variants Target Exposed Docker Servers
Kaiji XOR DDoS
2019-05-07Trend MicroAugusto Remillano II, Robert Malagad
CVE-2019-3396 Redux: Confluence Vulnerability Exploited to Deliver Cryptocurrency Miner With Rootkit
2018-12-20Trend MicroAugusto Remillano II, Mark Vicente
With Mirai Comes Miori: IoT Botnet Delivered via ThinkPHP Remote Code Execution Exploit