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2024-03-25ANY.RUNLena (LambdaMamba)
Reverse Engineering Snake Keylogger: Full .NET Malware Analysis Walkthrough
404 Keylogger GaboonGrabber
2024-01-30ANY.RUNLena (LambdaMamba)
CrackedCantil: A Malware Symphony Breakdown - PrivateLoader, Smoke, Lumma, RedLine, RisePro, Amadey, Stealc, Socks5Systemz, STOP
Amadey CrackedCantil Lumma Stealer PrivateLoader RedLine Stealer RisePro SmokeLoader Socks5 Systemz Stealc STOP
2023-10-05ANY.RUNLena (LambdaMamba)
Analyzing Snake Keylogger in ANY.RUN: a Full Walkthrough
404 Keylogger
2023-02-19Medium System WeaknessLena (LambdaMamba)
Investigating a Fake KDDI Smishing Campaign that abuses Duck DNS
Roaming Mantis
2023-01-23Medium System WeaknessLena (LambdaMamba)
A "strange font" Smishing Campaign that changes behaviour based on User-Agent, and abuses Duck DNS
Roaming Mantis