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2022-04-18TrellixAlexandre Mundo, Jambul Tologonov, Marc Elias
Conti Group Targets ESXi Hypervisors With its Linux Variant
Conti Conti
2022-03-28TrellixMarc Elias, Max Kersten
PlugX: A Talisman to Behold
2022-02-17TrellixChristiaan Beek, Marc Elias
Looking over the nation-state actors’ shoulders: Even they have a difficult day sometimes
Empire Downloader
2022-01-25TrellixAlexandre Mundo, Christiaan Beek, Leandro Velasco, Marc Elias, Max Kersten
Prime Minister’s Office Compromised: Details of Recent Espionage Campaign
2021-09-22McAfeeAlexandre Mundo, Marc Elias
BlackMatter Ransomware Analysis; The Dark Side Returns