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2017-05-08Michael Mimoso
HandBrake for Mac Compromised with Proton Spyware
Proton RAT
2017-04-10ThreatpostMichael Mimoso
ShadowBrokers Dump More Equation Group Hacks, Auction File Password
The Shadow Brokers
2017-04-03ThreatpostMichael Mimoso
Lazarus APT Spinoff Linked to Banking Hacks
Lazarus Group
2017-03-16ThreatpostMichael Mimoso
Fileless Malware Campaigns Tied to Same Attacker
2016-06-17ThreatpostMichael Mimoso
ScarCruft APT Group Used Latest Flash Zero Day in Two Dozen Attacks
2016-02-24ThreatpostMichael Mimoso
Operation Blockbuster Coalition Ties Destructive Attacks to Lazarus Group
Lazarus Group
2015-10-06ThreatpostMichael Mimoso
Targeted Attack Exposes OWA Weakness
2014-12-09ThreatpostMichael Mimoso
Linux Modules Connected to Turla APT Discovered
2014-08-19Michael Mimoso
APT Gang Branches Out to Medical Espionage in Community Health Breach