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aka: APT 38, APT-C-26, APT38, ATK117, ATK3, Andariel, Appleworm, BeagleBoyz, Bluenoroff, Bureau 121, COPERNICIUM, COVELLITE, Citrine Sleet, DEV-0139, DEV-1222, Dark Seoul, Diamond Sleet, G0032, G0082, Genie Spider, Group 77, Hastati Group, Hidden Cobra, Labyrinth Chollima, Lazarus, Lazarus group, NICKEL GLADSTONE, NewRomanic Cyber Army Team, Nickel Academy, Operation AppleJeus, Operation DarkSeoul, Operation GhostSecret, Operation Troy, Sapphire Sleet, Stardust Chollima, Subgroup: Bluenoroff, TA404, Unit 121, Whois Hacking Team, ZINC, Zinc

Since 2009, HIDDEN COBRA actors have leveraged their capabilities to target and compromise a range of victims; some intrusions have resulted in the exfiltration of data while others have been disruptive in nature. Commercial reporting has referred to this activity as Lazarus Group and Guardians of Peace. Tools and capabilities used by HIDDEN COBRA actors include DDoS botnets, keyloggers, remote access tools (RATs), and wiper malware. Variants of malware and tools used by HIDDEN COBRA actors include Destover, Duuzer, and Hangman.

Associated Families
win.unidentified_101 win.unidentified_090 aix.fastcash apk.badcall apk.hardrain elf.badcall elf.simpletea elf.spectral_blur js.quickcafe osx.3cx_backdoor osx.applejeus osx.casso osx.dacls osx.hloader osx.interception osx.kandykorn osx.manuscrypt osx.poolrat osx.rustbucket osx.simpletea osx.spectral_blur osx.sugarloader osx.unidentified_001 osx.watchcat osx.yort php.redhat_hacker ps1.powerbrace ps1.powerspritz win.3cx_backdoor win.alphanc win.alreay win.anchormtea win.badcall win.bankshot win.banpolmex win.bistromath win.bitsran win.blindingcan win.blindtoad win.bluenoroff win.bookcodesrat win.bootwreck win.brambul win.bravonc win.buffetline win.cheesetray win.cleantoad win.cloudburst win.comebacker win.contopee win.coredn win.crat win.cur1_downloader win.dacls win.darkcomet win.deltas win.dratzarus win.dtrack win.duuzer win.dyepack win.electricfish win.feed_load win.forest_tiger win.fudmodule win.fuwuqidrama win.ghost_rat win.ghost_secret win.gopuram win.hardrain win.hoplight win.hotwax win.httpsuploader win.iconic_stealer win.imprudentcook win.interception win.jessiecontea win.joanap win.keymarble win.klackring win.lambload win.lazardoor win.lazarloader win.lazarus_killdisk win.lcpdot win.lightlesscan win.lpeclient win.magic_rat win.miniblindingcan win.minitypeframe win.nachocheese win.neddnloader win.nestegg win.op_blockbuster win.phandoor win.postnaptea win.power_ratankba win.pslogger win.racket win.ratankba win.ratankbapos win.redshawl win.rifdoor win.roll_sling win.romeos win.rustbucket win.scout win.sierras win.slickshoes win.snatchcrypto win.srdi win.torisma win.touchmove win.typeframe win.unidentified_042 win.unidentified_077 win.veiledsignal win.volgmer win.vsingle win.vyveva win.wagenttea win.wannacryptor win.webbytea win.wininetloader win.winordll64 win.wormhole win.applejeus win.artfulpie win.hotcroissant

2024-02-28Avast DecodedJan Vojtěšek
Lazarus and the FudModule Rootkit: Beyond BYOVD with an Admin-to-Kernel Zero-Day
2024-01-05Twitter (@greglesnewich)Greg Lesnewich
Tweets about a SpectralBlur a macOS sample
2024-01-05Twitter (@X__Junior)Mohamed Ashraf
Tweet about a SpectralBlur Linux sample
2023-12-05Kaspersky LabsSergey Puzan
BlueNoroff: new Trojan attacking macOS users
2023-11-22MicrosoftMicrosoft Threat Intelligence
Diamond Sleet supply chain compromise distributes a modified CyberLink installer
2023-11-20PWCSveva Vittoria Scenarelli
King of Thieves: Black Alicanto and the Ecosystem of North Korea-Based Cyber Operations
RustBucket CageyChameleon RustBucket
Detailed analysis report: Malware disguised as Putty (Lazarus APT)
2023-10-31ElasticAndrew Pease, Colson Wilhoit, Ricardo Ungureanu, Seth Goodwin
Elastic catches DPRK passing out KANDYKORN
2023-10-27KasperskySeongsu Park
A cascade of compromise: unveiling Lazarus’ new campaign
LPEClient PostNapTea
2023-10-26ESET ResearchESET Research
ESET APT Activity Report Q2–Q3 2023
2023-10-18MicrosoftMicrosoft Threat Intelligence
Multiple North Korean threat actors exploiting the TeamCity CVE-2023-42793 vulnerability
FeedLoad ForestTiger HazyLoad RollSling Silent Chollima
2023-10-18Kaspersky LabsGReAT, Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT
Updated MATA attacks industrial companies in Eastern Europe
Dacls Unidentified 106
2023-10-17AhnLabASEC Analysis Team
Lazarus Group’s Operation Dream Magic
LazarDoor wAgentTea
2023-10-13AhnLabASEC Analysis Team
Analysis Report on Lazarus Threat Group’s Volgmer and Scout Malware
JessieConTea Scout Volgmer
2023-10-04Virus BulletinPeter Kálnai
Lazarus Campaigns and Backdoors in 2022-23
SimpleTea POOLRAT 3CX Backdoor BLINDINGCAN CLOUDBURST DRATzarus ForestTiger ImprudentCook LambLoad LightlessCan miniBlindingCan PostNapTea SnatchCrypto wAgentTea WebbyTea WinInetLoader
2023-09-29ESET ResearchPeter Kálnai
Lazarus luring employees with trojanized coding challenges: The case of a Spanish aerospace company
CLOUDBURST LightlessCan miniBlindingCan sRDI
2023-09-27Positive TechnologiesDenis Kuvshinov, Maxim Andreev
Dark River. You can't see them, but they're there
Dacls Unidentified 106
2023-09-22MandiantDan Black, Josh Atkins, Luke Jenkins
Backchannel Diplomacy: APT29’s Rapidly Evolving Diplomatic Phishing Operations
Brute Ratel C4 Cobalt Strike EnvyScout GraphDrop QUARTERRIG sRDI Unidentified 107 (APT29)
Analysis of Andariel’s New Attack Activities
Andardoor BlackRemote Tiger RAT Volgmer
2023-08-30Kaspersky LabsDavid Emm
IT threat evolution in Q2 2023
3CX Backdoor Bankshot BLINDINGCAN GoldMax Kazuar QUIETCANARY tomiris GoldenJackal
2023-08-22AhnLabASEC Analysis Team
Analyzing the new attack activity of the Andariel group
Andardoor MimiKatz QuiteRAT Tiger RAT Volgmer
2023-07-05SentinelOnePhil Stokes
BlueNoroff | How DPRK’s macOS RustBucket Seeks to Evade Analysis and Detection
2023-06-29ElasticAndrew Pease, Colson Wilhoit, Ricardo Ungureanu, Salim Bitam, Seth Goodwin
The DPRK strikes using a new variant of RUSTBUCKET
2023-06-08AhnLabASEC Analysis Team
Lazarus Group exploiting vulnerabilities in domestic financial security solutions
LazarDoor LazarLoader
2023-05-25YouTube (BSidesCharm)Asheer Malhotra
it’s all Magic(RAT) – A look into recent North Korean nation-state attacks
MagicRAT VSingle YamaBot
2023-05-22SekoiaCharles M., Jamila B., Kilian Seznec
Bluenoroff’s RustBucket campaign
RustBucket WebbyTea
2023-05-01JPCERT/CCShusei Tomonaga
Attack trends related to the attack campaign DangerousPassword
RustBucket CageyChameleon Cur1Downloader SnatchCrypto
2023-04-24CofenseAustin Jones
Open-Source Gh0st RAT Still Haunting Inboxes 15 Years After Release
Ghost RAT
2023-04-21Jamf BlogFerdous Saljooki, Jaron Bradley
BlueNoroff APT group targets macOS with ‘RustBucket’ Malware
2023-04-21SymantecThreat Hunter Team
X_Trader Supply Chain Attack Affects Critical Infrastructure Organizations in U.S. and Europe
2023-04-203CXAgathocles Prodromou
Security Update Thursday 20 April 2023 – Initial Intrusion Vector Found
2023-04-20MandiantADRIAN SANCHEZ, DANIEL SCOTT, Dimiter Andonov, Fred Plan, Jake Nicastro, JEFF JOHNSON, Marius Fodoreanu, RENATO FONTANA
3CX Software Supply Chain Compromise Initiated by a Prior Software Supply Chain Compromise; Suspected North Korean Actor Responsible
POOLRAT IconicStealer UNC4736
2023-04-20ESET ResearchMarc-Etienne M.Léveillé, Peter Kálnai
Linux malware strengthens links between Lazarus and the 3CX supply‑chain attack
BADCALL SimpleTea POOLRAT 3CX Backdoor BADCALL IconicStealer
M-Trends 2023
QUIETEXIT AppleJeus Black Basta BlackCat CaddyWiper Cobalt Strike Dharma HermeticWiper Hive INDUSTROYER2 Ladon LockBit Meterpreter PartyTicket PlugX QakBot REvil Royal Ransom SystemBC WhisperGate
2023-04-13Intel 471Jorge Rodriguez, Souhail Hammou
From GhostNet to PseudoManuscrypt - The evolution of Gh0st RAT
BBSRAT Gh0stTimes Ghost RAT PseudoManuscrypt
2023-04-12Kaspersky LabsSeongsu Park
Following the Lazarus group by tracking DeathNote campaign
Bankshot BLINDINGCAN ForestTiger LambLoad LPEClient MimiKatz NedDnLoader Racket Downloader Volgmer
2023-04-03Twitter (@kucher1n)Georgy Kucherin
Tweet on an alternative Guporam sample
2023-04-03Youtube (MalwareAnalysisForHedgehogs)Karsten Hahn
Malware Analysis - 3CX SmoothOperator ffmpeg.dll with Binary Ninja
3CX Backdoor
2023-04-03Kaspersky LabsGeorgy Kucherin
Not just an infostealer: Gopuram backdoor deployed through 3CX supply chain attack
2023-04-01Github (dodo-sec)dodo-sec
3CX Backdoor
2023-04-01Objective-SeePatrick Wardle
Ironing out (the macOS) details of a Smooth Operator (Part II)
3CX Backdoor
2023-03-31splunkSplunk Threat Research Team
Splunk Insights: Investigating the 3CXDesktopApp Supply Chain Compromise
3CX Backdoor
A Comprehensive Analysis of the 3CX Attack
3CX Backdoor
2023-03-31Reversing LabsKarlo Zanki
Red flags flew over software supply chain-compromised 3CX update
3CX Backdoor
2023-03-31BlackberryThe BlackBerry Research & Intelligence Team
Initial Implants and Network Analysis Suggest the 3CX Supply Chain Operation Goes Back to Fall 2022
3CX Backdoor
2023-03-31ZscalerMeghraj Nandanwar, Niraj Shivtarkar, Rohit Hegde
3CX Supply Chain Attack Campaign Campaign Analysis
3CX Backdoor
36gate: supply chain attack
3CX Backdoor
2023-03-31vmwareThreat Analysis Unit
Investigating 3CX Desktop Application Attacks: What You Need to Know
3CX Backdoor
2023-03-30OALabsSergei Frankoff
3CX Supply Chain Attack
3CX Backdoor
2023-03-30Trend MicroTrend Micro Research
Developing Story: Information on Attacks Involving 3CX Desktop App
3CX Backdoor IconicStealer
2023-03-30FortiguardFortiGuard Labs
3CX Desktop App Compromised (CVE-2023-29059)
3CX Backdoor
2023-03-30CrowdStrikeCS ENGINEER
2023-03-29 // SITUATIONAL AWARENESS // CrowdStrike Tracking Active Intrusion Campaign Targeting 3CX Customers
3CX Backdoor
2023-03-30Cado SecurityCado Security
Forensic Triage of a Windows System running the Backdoored 3CX Desktop App
3CX Backdoor
2023-03-30VolexityAnkur Saini, Callum Roxan, Charlie Gardner, Paul Rascagnères, Steven Adair, Thomas Lancaster
3CX Supply Chain Compromise Leads to ICONIC Incident
3CX Backdoor IconicStealer
2023-03-30ElasticDaniel Stepanic, Devon Kerr, Joe Desimone, Remco Sprooten, Samir Bousseaden
Elastic users protected from SUDDENICON’s supply chain attack
3CX Backdoor
2023-03-30Rapid7 LabsRapid7
Backdoored 3CXDesktopApp Installer Used in Active Threat Campaign
3CX Backdoor
2023-03-30Huntress LabsJohn Hammond
3CX VoIP Software Compromise & Supply Chain Threats
3CX Backdoor
2023-03-30SymantecThreat Hunter Team
3CX: Supply Chain Attack Affects Thousands of Users Worldwide
3CX Backdoor IconicStealer
2023-03-29SentinelOneJuan Andrés Guerrero-Saade
SmoothOperator | Ongoing Campaign Trojanizes 3CXDesktopApp in Supply Chain Attack
3CX Backdoor
2023-03-29Objective-SeePatrick Wardle
Ironing out (the macOS details) of a Smooth Operator
3CX Backdoor
2023-03-29CrowdStrikeResearch & Threat Intel
CrowdStrike Falcon Platform Detects and Prevents Active Intrusion Campaign Targeting 3CXDesktopApp Customers
3CX Backdoor
2023-03-20SecurityIntelligenceJohn Dwyer
When the Absence of Noise Becomes Signal: Defensive Considerations for Lazarus FudModule
2023-03-09MandiantMandiant Intelligence
Stealing the LIGHTSHOW (Part One) — North Korea's UNC2970
2023-03-09MandiantMandiant Intelligence
2023-02-23BitdefenderBitdefender Team, Martin Zugec
Technical Advisory: Various Threat Actors Targeting ManageEngine Exploit CVE-2022-47966
Cobalt Strike DarkComet QuiteRAT RATel
2023-02-23ESET ResearchVladislav Hrčka
WinorDLL64: A backdoor from the vast Lazarus arsenal?
2023-02-21SecurityIntelligenceRuben Boonen
Direct Kernel Object Manipulation (DKOM) Attacks on ETW Providers
2023-02-09CISA, DSA, FBI, HHS, NSA, ROK
#StopRansomware: Ransomware Attacks on Critical Infrastructure Fund DPRK Malicious Cyber Activities
Dtrack MagicRAT Maui Ransomware SiennaBlue SiennaPurple Tiger RAT YamaBot
2023-02-02WithSecureSami Ruohonen, Stephen Robinson
No Pineapple! –DPRK Targeting of Medical Research and Technology Sector
Dtrack GREASE QuiteRAT
2023-01-25ProofpointGreg Lesnewich, Proofpoint Threat Research Team
TA444: The APT Startup Aimed at Acquisition (of Your Funds)
CageyChameleon Lazarus Group TA444
2023-01-05AttackIQFrancis Guibernau, Ken Towne
Emulating the Highly Sophisticated North Korean Adversary Lazarus Group
MagicRAT Tiger RAT
2022-12-27KasperskySeongsu Park
BlueNoroff introduces new methods bypassing MoTW
LazarLoader Unidentified 101 (Lazarus?)
2022-12-20K7 SecurityMellvin S
Lazarus APT’s Operation Interception Uses Signed Binary
2022-12-16SekoiaJamila B., Threat & Detection Research Team
The DPRK delicate sound of cyber
AppleJeus AppleJeus SnatchCrypto
2022-11-29QianxinRed Raindrop Team
Job hunting trap: Analysis of Lazarus attack activities using recruitment information such as Mizuho Bank of Japan as bait
CageyChameleon Cur1Downloader
2022-11-23Twitter (@RedDrip7)RedDrip Team
Tweets about potential Lazarus sample
Unidentified 101 (Lazarus?)
2022-11-21vmwareThreat Analysis Unit
Threat Analysis: Active C2 Discovery Using Protocol Emulation Part4 (Dacls, aka MATA)
2022-11-15Kaspersky LabsJornt van der Wiel, Konstantin Zykov
DTrack activity targeting Europe and Latin America
2022-10-24AhnLabASEC Analysis Team
Malware infection case of Lazarus attack group that neutralizes antivirus program with BYOVD technique
FudModule LazarDoor Racket Downloader
2022-09-30ESET ResearchPeter Kálnai
Amazon‑themed campaigns of Lazarus in the Netherlands and Belgium
2022-09-30Virus BulletinMatěj Havránek, Peter Kálnai
Lazarus & BYOVD: evil to the Windows core
2022-09-29MicrosoftLinkedIn Threat Prevention and Defense, Microsoft Security Threat Intelligence
ZINC weaponizing open-source software
2022-09-26CrowdStrikeIoan Iacob, Iulian Madalin Ionita
The Anatomy of Wiper Malware, Part 3: Input/Output Controls
CaddyWiper DEADWOOD DistTrack DoubleZero DUSTMAN HermeticWiper IsaacWiper Meteor Petya Sierra(Alfa,Bravo, ...) StoneDrill WhisperGate ZeroCleare
2022-09-26SentinelOneDinesh Devadoss, Phil Stokes
Lazarus ‘Operation In(ter)ception’ Targets macOS Users Dreaming of Jobs in Crypto
2022-09-22AhnLabAhnLab ASEC Analysis Team
Analysis Report on Lazarus Group's Rootkit Attack Using BYOVD
2022-09-15SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Webworm: Espionage Attackers Testing and Using Older Modified RATs
9002 RAT Ghost RAT Trochilus RAT
2022-09-14MandiantJames Maclachlan, Mathew Potaczek, Matt Williams, Nino Isakovic, Yash Gupta
It's Time to PuTTY! DPRK Job Opportunity Phishing via WhatsApp
BLINDINGCAN miniBlindingCan sRDI
Realizziamo un C&C Server in Python (Bankshot)
2022-09-08Cisco TalosAsheer Malhotra, Jung soo An, Vitor Ventura
Lazarus and the tale of three RATs
MagicRAT MimiKatz VSingle YamaBot
2022-09-07Cisco TalosAsheer Malhotra, Jung soo An, Vitor Ventura
MagicRAT: Lazarus’ latest gateway into victim networks
MagicRAT Tiger RAT
2022-08-16Twitter (@ESETresearch)Dominik Breitenbacher, Peter Kálnai
Twitter thread about Operation In(ter)ception for macOS
2022-08-13YoutTube (Blue Team Village)Seongsu Park
Attribution and Bias: My terrible mistakes in threat intelligence attribution
AppleJeus Olympic Destroyer
2022-08-12CrowdStrikeIoan Iacob, Iulian Madalin Ionita
The Anatomy of Wiper Malware, Part 1: Common Techniques
Apostle CaddyWiper DEADWOOD DistTrack DoubleZero DUSTMAN HermeticWiper IsaacWiper IsraBye KillDisk Meteor Olympic Destroyer Ordinypt Petya Sierra(Alfa,Bravo, ...) StoneDrill WhisperGate ZeroCleare
2022-08-09KasperskyKurt Baumgartner, Seongsu Park
Andariel deploys DTrack and Maui ransomware
Dtrack Maui Ransomware
2022-07-18Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Unit 42
Iron Taurus
2022-07-14ProofpointCrista Giering, Joshua Miller, Michael Raggi, Proofpoint Threat Research Team
Above the Fold and in Your Inbox: Tracing State-Aligned Activity Targeting Journalists, Media
Chinoxy APT31 Lazarus Group TA482
2022-07-05JPCERT/CCShusei Tomonaga
VSingle malware that obtains C2 server information from GitHub
2022-06-21Cisco TalosChris Neal, Flavio Costa, Guilherme Venere
Avos ransomware group expands with new attack arsenal
AvosLocker Cobalt Strike DarkComet MimiKatz
2022-06-17Github (monoxgas)Nick Landers
sRDI - Shellcode Reflective DLL Injection
2022-05-23Trend MicroDaniel Lunghi, Jaromír Hořejší
Operation Earth Berberoka
reptile oRAT Ghost RAT PlugX pupy Earth Berberoka
Malware development: persistence - part 4. Windows services. Simple C++ example.
Anchor AppleJeus Attor BBSRAT BlackEnergy Carbanak Cobalt Strike DuQu
2022-05-05NCC GroupMichael Matthews, Nikolaos Pantazopoulos
North Korea’s Lazarus: their initial access trade-craft using social media and social engineering
2022-04-27SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Stonefly: North Korea-linked Spying Operation Continues to Hit High-value Targets
Dtrack VSingle
2022-04-27Trend MicroDaniel Lunghi, Jaromír Hořejší
New APT Group Earth Berberoka Targets Gambling Websites With Old and New Malware
HelloBot AsyncRAT Ghost RAT HelloBot PlugX Quasar RAT Earth Berberoka
2022-04-27TrendmicroDaniel Lunghi, Jaromír Hořejší
Operation Gambling Puppet
reptile oRAT AsyncRAT Cobalt Strike DCRat Ghost RAT PlugX Quasar RAT Trochilus RAT Earth Berberoka
2022-04-26Trend MicroLord Alfred Remorin, Ryan Flores, Stephen Hilt
How Cybercriminals Abuse Cloud Tunneling Services
AsyncRAT Cobalt Strike DarkComet Meterpreter Nanocore RAT
2022-04-26AhnLabASEC Analysis Team
New Malware of Lazarus Threat Actor Group Exploiting INITECH Process
Racket Downloader wAgentTea
TraderTraitor: North Korean State-Sponsored APT Targets Blockchain Companies
Bankshot TraderTraitor
2022-04-18CISACISA, FBI, U.S. Department of the Treasury
AA22-108A: TraderTraitor: North Korean State-Sponsored APT Targets Blockchain Companies (PDF)
FastCash Bankshot
2022-04-18CISACISA, FBI, U.S. Department of the Treasury
Alert (AA22-108A): TraderTraitor: North Korean State-Sponsored APT Targets Blockchain Companies
2022-04-15Center for Internet SecurityCIS
Top 10 Malware March 2022
Mirai Shlayer Agent Tesla Ghost RAT Nanocore RAT SectopRAT solarmarker Zeus
2022-04-14SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Lazarus Targets Chemical Sector
Racket Downloader
2022-04-01The Hacker NewsRavie Lakshmanan
Chinese Hackers Target VMware Horizon Servers with Log4Shell to Deploy Rootkit
Fire Chili Ghost RAT
Lazarus Trojanized DeFi app for delivering malware
JessieConTea LCPDot
2022-03-30FortinetEliran Voronovitch, Rotem Sde-Or
New Milestones for Deep Panda: Log4Shell and Digitally Signed Fire Chili Rootkits
Fire Chili Ghost RAT
2022-03-17SophosTilly Travers
The Ransomware Threat Intelligence Center
ATOMSILO Avaddon AvosLocker BlackKingdom Ransomware BlackMatter Conti Cring DarkSide dearcry Dharma Egregor Entropy Epsilon Red Gandcrab Karma LockBit LockFile Mailto Maze Nefilim RagnarLocker Ragnarok REvil RobinHood Ryuk SamSam Snatch WannaCryptor WastedLocker
2022-03-16AhnLabASEC Analysis Team
Gh0stCringe RAT Being Distributed to Vulnerable Database Servers
Ghost RAT Kingminer
2022-03-01Github (0xZuk0)Dipankar Lama
Malware Analysis Report: WannaCry Ransomware
2022-02-11Cisco TalosTalos
Threat Roundup for February 4 to February 11
DarkComet Ghost RAT Loki Password Stealer (PWS) Tinba Tofsee Zeus
2022-02-09SentinelOneJuan Andrés Guerrero-Saade, Tom Hegel
Modified Elephant APT and a Decade of Fabricating Evidence
DarkComet Incubator NetWire RC
2022-02-09Sentinel LABSTom Hegel
ModifiedElephant APT and a Decade of Fabricating Evidence
DarkComet Incubator NetWire RC ModifiedElephant
2022-01-31Cyber GeeksVlad Pasca
A Detailed Analysis Of Lazarus APT Malware Disguised As Notepad++ Shell Extension
2022-01-13Kaspersky LabsSeongsu Park, Vitaly Kamluk
The BlueNoroff cryptocurrency hunt is still on
CageyChameleon SnatchCrypto WebbyTea
2021-12-14Trend MicroNick Dai, Ted Lee, Vickie Su
Collecting In the Dark: Tropic Trooper Targets Transportation and Government
ChiserClient Ghost RAT Lilith Quasar RAT xPack APT23
The Lazarus Group suspected of expanding its arsenal? The hackers target aviation industry and researchers
2021-11-10AhnLabASEC Analysis Team
Analysis Report of Lazarus Group’s NukeSped Malware
DarkComet Tiger RAT
Lazarus Group continues AppleJeus Operation
2021-10-08Virus BulletinSeongsu Park
Multi-universe of adversary: multiple campaigns of the Lazarus group and their connections
Dacls AppleJeus AppleJeus Bankshot BookCodes RAT Dacls DRATzarus LCPDot LPEClient
2021-10-07Virus BulletinByeongjae Kim, Dongwook Kim, Taewoo Lee
Operation Bookcodes – targeting South Korea
BookCodes RAT LPEClient
2021-10-05BlackberryThe BlackBerry Research & Intelligence Team
Drawing a Dragon: Connecting the Dots to Find APT41
Cobalt Strike Ghost RAT
2021-10-04JPCERT/CCShusei Tomonaga
Malware Gh0stTimes Used by BlackTech
Gh0stTimes Ghost RAT
2021-09-07LIFARSVlad Pasca
A Detailed Analysis of Lazarus’ RAT Called FALLCHILL
AV engines evasion for C++ simple malware: part 2
Agent Tesla Amadey Anchor AnchorMTea Carbanak Carberp Cardinal RAT Felixroot Konni Loki Password Stealer (PWS) Maze
AV engines evasion for C++ simple malware: part 1
4h_rat Azorult BADCALL BadNews BazarBackdoor Cardinal RAT
2021-08-22media.ccc.deLars Wallenborn
The Bangladesh cyber bank robbery: Tracking down major criminals with malware analysis
2021-08-22Malware and StuffAndreas Klopsch
PEB: Where Magic Is Stored
2021-08-05KrebsOnSecurityBrian Krebs
Ransomware Gangs and the Name Game Distraction
DarkSide RansomEXX Babuk Cerber Conti DarkSide DoppelPaymer Egregor FriedEx Gandcrab Hermes Maze RansomEXX REvil Ryuk Sekhmet
2021-07-10Youtube (AhmedS Kasmani)AhmedS Kasmani
Analysis of AppleJeus Malware by Lazarus Group
2021-07-08Medium s2wlabSojun Ryu
Analysis of Lazarus malware abusing Non-ActiveX Module in South Korea
Racket Downloader
2021-06-15KasperskySeongsu Park
Andariel evolves to target South Korea with ransomware
BISTROMATH PEBBLEDASH TigerLite Tiger RAT Unidentified 081 (Andariel Ransomware)
2021-05-13AhnLabAhnLab ASEC Analysis Team
APT attack for domestic companies using library files
2021-05-11QianxinRed Raindrop Team
Analysis of a series of attacks by the suspected Lazarus organization using Daewoo Shipyard as relevant bait
2021-05-05ZscalerAniruddha Dolas, Manohar Ghule, Mohd Sadique
Catching RATs Over Custom Protocols Analysis of top non-HTTP/S threats
Agent Tesla AsyncRAT Crimson RAT CyberGate Ghost RAT Nanocore RAT NetWire RC NjRAT Quasar RAT Remcos
2021-04-28Trend MicroJaromír Hořejší, Joseph C Chen
Water Pamola Attacked Online Shops Via Malicious Orders
Ghost RAT
2021-04-19MalwarebytesHossein Jazi
Lazarus APT conceals malicious code within BMP image to drop its RAT
2021-04-15AhnLabAhnLab ASEC Analysis Team
Operation Dream Job Targeting Job Seekers in South Korea
LCPDot Torisma
2021-04-08ESET ResearchFilip Jurčacko
(Are you) afreight of the dark? Watch out for Vyveva, new Lazarus backdoor
Vyveva RAT
Study of targeted attacks on Russian research institutes
Cotx RAT Ghost RAT TA428
2021-04-01AhnLabASEC Analysis Team
ComeBacker JessieConTea LCPDot
2021-03-22JPCERT/CCShusei Tomonaga
Lazarus Attack Activities Targeting Japan (VSingle/ValeforBeta)
2021-03-21BlackberryBlackberry Research
2021 Threat Report
Bashlite FritzFrog IPStorm Mirai Tsunami elf.wellmess AppleJeus Dacls EvilQuest Manuscrypt Astaroth BazarBackdoor Cerber Cobalt Strike Emotet FinFisher RAT Kwampirs MimiKatz NjRAT Ryuk SmokeLoader TrickBot
2021-03-15Sophos LabsMark Loman
DearCry ransomware attacks exploit Exchange server vulnerabilities
dearcry WannaCryptor
2021-03-03SYGNIAAmitai Ben Shushan, Amnon Kushnir, Boaz Wasserman, Martin Korman, Noam Lifshitz
Lazarus Group’s MATA Framework Leveraged to Deploy TFlower Ransomware
Dacls Dacls Dacls TFlower
2021-02-28PWC UKPWC UK
Cyber Threats 2020: A Year in Retrospect
elf.wellmess FlowerPower PowGoop 8.t Dropper Agent.BTZ Agent Tesla Appleseed Ave Maria Bankshot BazarBackdoor BLINDINGCAN Chinoxy Conti Cotx RAT Crimson RAT DUSTMAN Emotet FriedEx FunnyDream Hakbit Mailto Maze METALJACK Nefilim Oblique RAT Pay2Key PlugX QakBot REvil Ryuk StoneDrill StrongPity SUNBURST SUPERNOVA TrickBot TurlaRPC Turla SilentMoon WastedLocker WellMess Winnti ZeroCleare APT10 APT23 APT27 APT31 APT41 BlackTech BRONZE EDGEWOOD Inception Framework MUSTANG PANDA Red Charon Red Nue Sea Turtle Tonto Team
2021-02-26YouTube (Black Hat)Kevin Perlow
FASTCash and INJX_Pure: How Threat Actors Use Public Standards for Financial Fraud
2021-02-25Kaspersky LabsSeongsu Park, Vyacheslav Kopeytsev
Lazarus targets defense industry with ThreatNeedle
HTTP(S) uploader LPEClient Volgmer
Year of the Gopher A 2020 Go Malware Round-Up
NiuB WellMail elf.wellmess ArdaMax AsyncRAT CyberGate DarkComet Glupteba Nanocore RAT Nefilim NjRAT Quasar RAT WellMess Zebrocy
2021 Global Threat Report
RansomEXX Amadey Anchor Avaddon BazarBackdoor Clop Cobalt Strike Conti Cutwail DanaBot DarkSide DoppelPaymer Dridex Egregor Emotet Hakbit IcedID JSOutProx KerrDown LockBit Mailto Maze MedusaLocker Mespinoza Mount Locker NedDnLoader Nemty Pay2Key PlugX Pushdo PwndLocker PyXie QakBot Quasar RAT RagnarLocker Ragnarok RansomEXX REvil Ryuk Sekhmet ShadowPad SmokeLoader Snake SUNBURST SunCrypt TEARDROP TrickBot WastedLocker Winnti Zloader Evilnum OUTLAW SPIDER RIDDLE SPIDER SOLAR SPIDER VIKING SPIDER
2021-02-22tccontre Blogtcontre
Gh0stRat Anti-Debugging: Nested SEH (try - catch) to Decrypt and Load its Payload
Ghost RAT
2021-02-18SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Lazarus: Three North Koreans Charged for Financially Motivated Attacks
AppleJeus POOLRAT Unidentified macOS 001 (UnionCryptoTrader) AppleJeus Unidentified 077 (Lazarus Downloader)
Malware Analysis Report (AR21-048B): AppleJeus: JMT Trading
AppleJeus AppleJeus
Malware Analysis Report (AR21-048F): AppleJeus: Dorusio
AppleJeus AppleJeus Unidentified 077 (Lazarus Downloader)
Malware Analysis Report (AR21-048A): AppleJeus: Celas Trade Pro
AppleJeus AppleJeus
Alert (AA21-048A): AppleJeus: Analysis of North Korea’s Cryptocurrency Malware
AppleJeus AppleJeus Lazarus Group
Malware Analysis Report (AR21-048G): AppleJeus: Ants2Whale
AppleJeus AppleJeus
Malware Analysis Report (AR21-048E): AppleJeus: CoinGoTrade
AppleJeus POOLRAT AppleJeus
Malware Analysis Report (AR21-048D): AppleJeus: Kupay Wallet
AppleJeus AppleJeus
Malware Analysis Report (AR21-048C): AppleJeus: Union Crypto
AppleJeus Unidentified macOS 001 (UnionCryptoTrader) AppleJeus
2021-02-01ESET ResearchIgnacio Sanmillan, Matthieu Faou
Operation NightScout: Supply‑chain attack targets online gaming in Asia
Ghost RAT NoxPlayer Poison Ivy Red Dev 17
2021-02-01One Night in NorfolkKevin Perlow
DPRK Targeting Researchers II: .Sys Payload and Registry Hunting
2021-01-30Microstep Intelligence BureauMicrostep online research response team
Analysis of Lazarus attacks against security researchers
2021-01-29NSFOCUSFuying Laboratory
ComeBacker DRATzarus Torisma
2021-01-28MicrosoftMicrosoft 365 Defender Threat Intelligence Team, Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC)
ZINC attacks against security researchers
ComeBacker Klackring
2021-01-27S2W LAB Inc.Sojun Ryu
How to communicate between RAT infected devices (White paper)
2021-01-27S2W LAB Inc.Sojun Ryu
Analysis of THREATNEEDLE C&C Communication (feat. Google TAG Warning to Researchers)
2021-01-26One Night in NorfolkKevin Perlow
DPRK Malware Targeting Security Researchers
2021-01-26ComaeMatt Suiche
PANDORABOX - North Koreans target security researchers
2021-01-26JPCERT/CCShusei Tomonaga
Operation Dream Job by Lazarus
LCPDot Torisma Lazarus Group
2021-01-25GoogleAdam Weidemann
New campaign targeting security researchers
ComeBacker DRATzarus
2021-01-20JPCERT/CCShusei Tomonaga
Commonly Known Tools Used by Lazarus
Lazarus Group
2021-01-15SwisscomMarkus Neis
Cracking a Soft Cell is Harder Than You Think
Ghost RAT MimiKatz PlugX Poison Ivy Trochilus RAT
2021-01-09Marco Ramilli's BlogMarco Ramilli
Command and Control Traffic Patterns
ostap LaZagne Agent Tesla Azorult Buer Cobalt Strike DanaBot DarkComet Dridex Emotet Formbook IcedID ISFB NetWire RC PlugX Quasar RAT SmokeLoader TrickBot
2021-01-07Github (hvs-consulting)HvS-Consulting AG
Lazarus / APT37 IOCs
Lazarus Group
2021-01-01Objective-SeePatrick Wardle
The Mac Malware of 2020 - a comprehensive analysis of the year's new malware
AppleJeus Dacls EvilQuest FinFisher WatchCat XCSSET
2020-12-23Kaspersky LabsSeongsu Park
Lazarus covets COVID-19-related intelligence
BookCodes RAT wAgentTea
2020-12-21Cisco TalosJON MUNSHAW
2020: The year in malware
WolfRAT Prometei Poet RAT Agent Tesla Astaroth Ave Maria CRAT Emotet Gozi IndigoDrop JhoneRAT Nanocore RAT NjRAT Oblique RAT SmokeLoader StrongPity WastedLocker Zloader
2020-12-18SeqritePavankumar Chaudhari
RAT used by Chinese cyberspies infiltrating Indian businesses
Ghost RAT
2020-12-15HvS-Consulting AGHvS-Consulting AG
Greetings from Lazarus: Anatomy of a cyber espionage campaign
BLINDINGCAN MimiKatz Lazarus Group
2020-12-15HvS-Consulting AGHvS-Consulting AG
Greetings from Lazarus Anatomy of a cyber espionage campaign
BLINDINGCAN HTTP(S) uploader MimiKatz
2020-12-11PWC UKTwitter (@BitsOfBinary)
Tweet on macOS Manuscypt samples
2020-12-10Intel 471Intel 471
No pandas, just people: The current state of China’s cybercrime underground
Anubis SpyNote AsyncRAT Cobalt Strike Ghost RAT NjRAT
Alert (AA20-345A): Cyber Actors Target K-12 Distance Learning Education to Cause Disruptions and Steal Data
PerlBot Shlayer Agent Tesla Cerber Dridex Ghost RAT Kovter Maze MedusaLocker Nanocore RAT Nefilim REvil Ryuk Zeus
2020-12-09CrowdStrikeJason Rivera, Josh Burgess
From Zero to SixtyThe Story of North Korea’s Rapid Ascent to Becoming a Global Cyber Superpower
FastCash Hermes WannaCryptor
2020-11-27MacnicaHiroshi Takeuchi
Analyzing Organizational Invasion Ransom Incidents Using Dtrack
Cobalt Strike Dtrack
2020-11-27Microstep Intelligence BureauMicrostep online research response team
钱包黑洞:Lazarus 组织近期在加密货币方面的隐蔽攻击活动
2020-11-21vxhive blog0xastrovax
Deep Dive Into HERMES Ransomware
2020-11-16ESET ResearchAnton Cherepanov, Peter Kálnai
Lazarus supply‑chain attack in South Korea
BookCodes RAT Lazarus Group
2020-11-14Medium 0xastrovaxastrovax
Deep Dive Into Ryuk Ransomware
Hermes Ryuk
2020-11-12TalosAsheer Malhotra
CRAT wants to plunder your endpoints
2020-11-05McAfeeChristiaan Beek, Ryan Sherstobitoff
Operation North Star: Behind The Scenes
NedDnLoader Torisma
2020-11-03Kaspersky LabsGReAT
APT trends report Q3 2020
WellMail EVILNUM Janicab Poet RAT AsyncRAT Ave Maria Cobalt Strike Crimson RAT CROSSWALK Dtrack LODEINFO MoriAgent Okrum PlugX poisonplug Rover ShadowPad SoreFang Winnti
2020-10-28Twitter (@BitsOfBinary)John
Tweet on macOS version of Manuscrypt
Study of the ShadowPad APT backdoor and its relation to PlugX
Ghost RAT PlugX ShadowPad
2020-10-03VB LocalhostRintaro Koike, Shogo Hayashi, Takai Hajime
Unveiling the CryptoMimic
CageyChameleon SnatchCrypto
2020-09-29JPCERT/CCShusei Tomonaga
BLINDINGCAN - Malware Used by Lazarus
2020-09-16QianxinRed Raindrop Team
Target defense industry: Lazarus uses recruitment bait combined with continuously updated cyber weapons
2020-09-15CrowdStrikeCrowdStrike Overwatch Team
Nowhere to Hide - 2020 Threat Hunting Report
2020-08-31JPCERT/CCShusei Tomonaga
Malware Used by Lazarus after Network Intrusion
Lazarus Group
2020-08-31SentinelOneJim Walter
The BLINDINGCAN RAT and Malicious North Korean Activity
MAR-10301706-1.v1 - North Korean Remote Access Tool: ECCENTRICBANDWAGON
2020-08-26CISACISA, FBI, U.S. Cyber Command, U.S. Department of the Treasury
Alert (AA20-239A): FASTCash 2.0: North Korea's BeagleBoyz Robbing Banks
MAR-10301706-2.v1 - North Korean Remote Access Tool: VIVACIOUSGIFT
Malware Analysis Report (AR20-232A)
MAR-10295134-1.v1 - North Korean Remote Access Trojan: BLINDINGCAN
2020-08-13ClearSkyClearSky Research Team
Operation ‘Dream Job’ Widespread North Korean Espionage Campaign
DRATzarus LPEClient NedDnLoader
2020-08-05BlackHatKevin Perlow
FASTCashand INJX_PURE: How Threat Actors Use Public Standards for Financial Fraud
2020-08-05BlackHatKevin Perlow
FASTCash and Associated Intrusion Techniques
2020-08-01Temple UniversityCARE
Critical Infrastructure Ransomware Attacks
CryptoLocker Cryptowall DoppelPaymer FriedEx Mailto Maze REvil Ryuk SamSam WannaCryptor
2020-08-01TG SoftTG Soft
TG Soft Cyber - Threat Report
DarkComet Darktrack RAT Emotet ISFB
2020-07-29ESET Researchwelivesecurity
DEFENSOR ID HiddenAd Bundlore Pirrit Agent.BTZ Cerber ClipBanker CROSSWALK Cryptowall CTB Locker DanaBot Dharma Formbook Gandcrab Grandoreiro Houdini ISFB LockBit Locky Mailto Maze Microcin Nemty NjRAT Phobos PlugX Pony REvil Socelars STOP Tinba TrickBot WannaCryptor
2020-07-29Kaspersky LabsGReAT
APT trends report Q2 2020
PhantomLance Dacls Penquin Turla elf.wellmess AppleJeus Dacls AcidBox Cobalt Strike Dacls EternalPetya Godlike12 Olympic Destroyer PlugX shadowhammer ShadowPad Sinowal VHD Ransomware Volgmer WellMess X-Agent XTunnel
2020-07-29McAfeeMcAfee Labs
Operation (노스 스타) North Star A Job Offer That’s Too Good to be True?
2020-07-28Kaspersky LabsFélix Aime, Ivan Kwiatkowski, Pierre Delcher
Lazarus on the hunt for big game
Dacls Dacls Dacls VHD Ransomware
2020-07-28NTTNTT Security
CraftyPanda 標的型攻撃解析レポート
Ghost RAT PlugX
2020-07-27SentinelOnePhil Stokes
Four Distinct Families of Lazarus Malware Target Apple’s macOS Platform
AppleJeus Casso Dacls WatchCat
2020-07-22Kaspersky LabsGReAT
MATA: Multi-platform targeted malware framework
Dacls Dacls Dacls
2020-07-20Risky.bizDaniel Gordon
What even is Winnti?
CCleaner Backdoor Ghost RAT PlugX ZXShell
BookCodes RAT
2020-06-28Twitter (@ccxsaber)z3r0
Tweet on Sample
Unidentified 077 (Lazarus Downloader)
2020-06-23ReversingLabsKarlo Zanki
Hidden Cobra - from a shed skin to the viper’s nest
2020-06-17ESET ResearchDominik Breitenbacher, Kaspars Osis
Operation In(ter)ception: Targeted Attacks against European Aerospace and Military Companies
Deep-dive: The DarkHotel APT
Asruex Ghost RAT Ramsay Retro Unidentified 076 (Higaisa LNK to Shellcode)
2020-06-09Kaspersky LabsCostin Raiu
Looking at Big Threats Using Code Similarity. Part 1
Penquin Turla CCleaner Backdoor EternalPetya Regin WannaCryptor XTunnel
2020-06-05PrevailionDanny Adamitis
The Gh0st Remains the Same
Ghost RAT
2020-06-04PTSecurityPT ESC Threat Intelligence
COVID-19 and New Year greetings: an investigation into the tools and methods used by the Higaisa group
Ghost RAT
2020-05-31Twitter (ShadowChasing1)Shadow Chaser Group
Tweet on DTRACK malware
2020-05-20Medium Asuna AmawakaAsuna Amawaka
What happened between the BigBadWolf and the Tiger?
Ghost RAT
2020-05-14Avast DecodedLuigino Camastra
APT Group Planted Backdoors Targeting High Profile Networks in Central Asia
BYEBY Ghost RAT Microcin MimiKatz Vicious Panda
MAR-10288834-1.v1 – North Korean Remote Access Tool: COPPERHEDGE
2020-05-11Trend MicroGabrielle Joyce Mabutas, Kazuki Fujisawa
New MacOS Dacls RAT Backdoor Shows Lazarus’ Multi-Platform Attack Capability
2020-05-11Trend MicroGabrielle Joyce Mabutas, Kazuki Fujisawa
New MacOS Dacls RAT Backdoor Show Lazarus’ Multi-Platform Attack Capability
2020-05-07AVARAriel Jugnheit, Mark Lechtik
The North Korean AV Anthology: a unique look on DPRK’s Anti-Virus market
2020-05-06MalwarebytesHossein Jazi, Jérôme Segura, Thomas Reed
New Mac variant of Lazarus Dacls RAT distributed via Trojanized 2FA app
2020-05-05Objective-SeePatrick Wardle
The Dacls RAT on macOS! deconstructing the mac variant of a lazarus group implant
APT38 Lazarus Threat Analysis Report
2020-04-16VMWare Carbon BlackScott Knight
The Evolution of Lazarus
2020-04-14QianxinQi'anxin Threat Intelligence
The Lazarus APT organization uses the new crown epidemic bait to target a targeted attack analysis of a country
Malware analysis (Emergency inquiry for Coronavirus response in Jeollanam-do.hwp)
BookCodes RAT
2020-03-05MicrosoftMicrosoft Threat Protection Intelligence Team
Human-operated ransomware attacks: A preventable disaster
Dharma DoppelPaymer Dridex EternalPetya Gandcrab Hermes LockerGoga MegaCortex MimiKatz REvil RobinHood Ryuk SamSam TrickBot WannaCryptor PARINACOTA
2020-03-05SophosLabsSergei Shevchenko
Cloud Snooper Attack Bypasses AWS Security Measures
Cloud Snooper Ghost RAT
2020-03-03PWC UKPWC UK
Cyber Threats 2019:A Year in Retrospect
KevDroid MESSAGETAP magecart AndroMut Cobalt Strike CobInt Crimson RAT DNSpionage Dridex Dtrack Emotet FlawedAmmyy FlawedGrace FriedEx Gandcrab Get2 GlobeImposter Grateful POS ISFB Kazuar LockerGoga Nokki QakBot Ramnit REvil Rifdoor RokRAT Ryuk shadowhammer ShadowPad Shifu Skipper StoneDrill Stuxnet TrickBot Winnti ZeroCleare APT41 MUSTANG PANDA Sea Turtle
2020-02-26MetaSwan's LabMetaSwan
Lazarus group's Brambul worm of the former Wannacry - 2
2020-02-26MetaSwan's LabMetaSwan
Lazarus group's Brambul worm of the former Wannacry - 1
Brambul WannaCryptor
2020-02-25RSA ConferenceJoel DeCapua
Feds Fighting Ransomware: How the FBI Investigates and How You Can Help
FastCash Cerber Defray Dharma FriedEx Gandcrab GlobeImposter Mamba Phobos Rapid Ransom REvil Ryuk SamSam Zeus
2020-02-25SentinelOneJim Walter
DPRK Hidden Cobra Update: North Korean Malicious Cyber Activity
2020-02-22Objective-SeePatrick Wardle
Weaponizing a Lazarus Group Implant: repurposing a 1st-stage loader, to execute custom 'fileless' payloads
The Lazarus Constellation A study on North Korean malware
FastCash AppleJeus BADCALL Bankshot Brambul Dtrack Duuzer DYEPACK ELECTRICFISH HARDRAIN Hermes HOPLIGHT Joanap KEYMARBLE Kimsuky MimiKatz MyDoom NACHOCHEESE NavRAT PowerRatankba RokRAT Sierra(Alfa,Bravo, ...) Volgmer WannaCryptor
Malware Analysis Report (AR20-045C)
Malware Analysis Report (AR20-045E): MAR-10271944-2.v1 - North Korean Trojan: ARTFULPIE
Malware Analysis Report (AR20-045D): MAR-10271944-1.v1 - North Korean Trojan: HOTCROISSANT
Malware Analysis Report (AR20-045A): MAR-10265965-1.v1 - North Korean Trojan: BISTROMATH
Malware Analysis Report (AR20-045F): MAR-10271944-3.v1 - North Korean Trojan: BUFFETLINE
Malware Analysis Report (AR20–045B): MAR-10265965-2.v1 - North Korean Trojan: SLICKSHOES
Malware Analysis Report (AR20-045G): MAR-10135536-8.v4 - North Korean Trojan: HOPLIGHT
2020-02-13QianxinQi Anxin Threat Intelligence Center
APT Report 2019
Chrysaor Exodus Dacls VPNFilter DNSRat Griffon KopiLuwak More_eggs SQLRat AppleJeus BONDUPDATER Agent.BTZ Anchor AndroMut AppleJeus BOOSTWRITE Brambul Carbanak Cobalt Strike Dacls DistTrack DNSpionage Dtrack ELECTRICFISH FlawedAmmyy FlawedGrace Get2 Grateful POS HOPLIGHT Imminent Monitor RAT jason Joanap KerrDown KEYMARBLE Lambert LightNeuron LoJax MiniDuke PolyglotDuke PowerRatankba Rising Sun SDBbot ServHelper Snatch Stuxnet TinyMet tRat TrickBot Volgmer X-Agent Zebrocy
2020-02-10MalwarebytesAdam Kujawa, Chris Boyd, David Ruiz, Jérôme Segura, Jovi Umawing, Nathan Collier, Pieter Arntz, Thomas Reed, Wendy Zamora
2020 State of Malware Report
magecart Emotet QakBot REvil Ryuk TrickBot WannaCryptor
2020-02-02Youtube (Ghidra Ninja)Ghidra Ninja