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2023-07-31ProofpointKelsey Merriman, Pim Trouerbach
Out of the Sandbox: WikiLoader Digs Sophisticated Evasion
ISFB WikiLoader
2023-04-28DISCARDED PodcastJoe Wise, Pim Trouerbach
Beyond Banking: IcedID Gets Forked
IcedID PhotoLoader
2023-03-27ProofpointJoe Wise, Kelsey Merriman, Pim Trouerbach
Fork in the Ice: The New Era of IcedID
2022-11-16ProofpointAxel F, Pim Trouerbach
A Comprehensive Look at Emotet Virus’ Fall 2022 Return
BumbleBee Emotet PHOTOLITE
2022-10-07YouTube (BSides Portland)Pim Trouerbach
SmokeLoader - The Pandora's box of Tricks
2022-07-21ProofpointBryan Campbell, Pim Trouerbach, Proofpoint Threat Research Team, Selena Larson
Buy, Sell, Steal, EvilNum Targets Cryptocurrency, Forex, Commodities
2022-05-11ProofpointAndrew Northern, Axel F, Pim Trouerbach, Tony Robinson
Nerbian RAT Using COVID-19 Themes Features Sophisticated Evasion Techniques
Nerbian RAT
2022-04-28ProofpointKelsey Merriman, Pim Trouerbach
This isn't Optimus Prime's Bumblebee but it's Still Transforming
BumbleBee TA578 TA579