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aka: DeathStalker, EvilNum, Jointworm, KNOCKOUT SPIDER, TA4563

ESET has analyzed the operations of Evilnum, the APT group behind the Evilnum malware previously seen in attacks against financial technology companies. While said malware has been seen in the wild since at least 2018 and documented previously, little has been published about the group behind it and how it operates. The group’s targets remain fintech companies, but its toolset and infrastructure have evolved and now consist of a mix of custom, homemade malware combined with tools purchased from Golden Chickens, a Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) provider whose infamous customers include FIN6 and Cobalt Group.

Associated Families
osx.janicab ps1.powerpepper vbs.janicab win.stormwind

DeathStalker targets legal entities with new Janicab variant
Janicab Janicab Stormwind
2022-07-21ProofpointBryan Campbell, Pim Trouerbach, Proofpoint Threat Research Team, Selena Larson
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Janicab Series: Attibution and IoCs
2022-05-27MalwarologyGaetano Pellegrino
Janicab Series: The Core Artifact
2022-05-26MalwarologyGaetano Pellegrino
Janicab Series: Further Steps in the Infection Chain
2022-05-24MalwarologyGaetano Pellegrino
Janicab Series: First Steps in the Infection Chain
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Credits: MISP Project