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2020-10-14FireEyeAndrew Moore, Genevieve Stark, Jacqueline O’Leary, Kimberly Goody, Nalani Fraser, Vincent Cannon
FIN11: Widespread Email Campaigns as Precursor for Ransomware and Data Theft
2019-08-07FireEyeChi-en Shen, Dan Perez, Fred Plan, Jacqueline O’Leary, Nalani Fraser, Raymond Leong, Vincent Cannon
APT41: A Dual Espionage and Cyber Crime Operation
2019-03-04FireEyeBen Read, Fred Plan, Jacqueline O’Leary, Nalani Fraser, Vincent Cannon
APT40: Examining a China-Nexus Espionage Actor
LunchMoney APT40
2017-12-07FireEyeJacqueline O’Leary, Manish Sardiwal, Nalani Fraser, Nick Richard, Vincent Cannon, Yogesh Londhe
New Targeted Attack in the Middle East by APT34, a Suspected Iranian Threat Group, Using CVE-2017-11882 Exploit