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2017-06-15Limor Kessem
Zeus Sphinx Pushes Empty Configuration Files — What Has the Sphinx Got Cooking?
2017-06-02SecurityIntelligenceKevin Zuk, Limor Kessem, Matan Meir, Mike Oppenheim
QakBot Banking Trojan Causes Massive Active Directory Lockouts
2017-03-28SecurityIntelligenceIlya Kolmanovich, Limor Kessem
The NukeBot Trojan, a Bruised Ego and a Surprising Source Code Leak
2017-03-01SecurityIntelligenceGadi Ostrovsky, Limor Kessem
GootKit Developers Dress It Up With Web Traffic Proxy
2017-01-26SecurityIntelligenceLimor Kessem
Around the World With Zeus Sphinx: From Canada to Australia and Back
2017-01-10SecurityIntelligenceLimor Kessem, Lior Keshet
Client Maximus: New Remote Overlay Malware Highlights Rising Malcode Sophistication in Brazil
Client Maximus
2016-09-20SecurityIntelligenceDenis Laskov, Hanan Natan, Limor Kessem
Meanwhile in Britain, Qadars v3 Hardens Evasion, Targets 18 UK Banks
2016-08-16SecurityIntelligenceDenis Laskov, Limor Kessem, Ziv Eli
Brazil Can’t Catch a Break: After Panda Comes the Sphinx
Zeus OpenSSL
2016-07-08SecurityIntelligenceLimor Kessem
GootKit: Bobbing and Weaving to Avoid Prying Eyes
2016-04-14SecurityIntelligenceLimor Kessem, Lior Keshet
Meet GozNym: The Banking Malware Offspring of Gozi ISFB and Nymaim
ISFB Nymaim GozNym
2015-08-31SecurityIntelligenceDenis Laskov, Ilya Kolmanovich, Limor Kessem
Shifu: ‘Masterful’ New Banking Trojan Is Attacking 14 Japanese Banks
2015-08-12SecurityIntelligenceLimor Kessem
Tinba Trojan Sets Its Sights on Romania
2013-08-07RSALimor Kessem
Thieves Reaching for Linux—”Hand of Thief” Trojan Targets Linux #INTH3WILD
Hand of Thief