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2022-01-31IBMItzik Chimino, Limor Kessem
Top-Ranking Banking Trojan Ramnit Out to Steal Payment Card Data
2022-01-24IBMCharlotte Hammond, Itzik Chimino, Limor Kessem, Michael Gal, Segev Fogel
TrickBot Bolsters Layered Defenses to Prevent Injection Research
2021-11-01IBMAaron Gdanski, Limor Kessem
From Thanos to Prometheus: When Ransomware Encryption Goes Wrong
Hakbit Prometheus
2021-05-10SecurityIntelligenceLimor Kessem
Shedding Light on the DarkSide Ransomware Attack
2021-04-28IBMLimor Kessem
The Sodinokibi Chronicles: A (R)Evil Cybercrime Gang Disrupts Organizations for Trade Secrets and Cash
2021-03-11IBMDave McMillen, Limor Kessem
Dridex Campaign Propelled by Cutwail Botnet and Poisonous PowerShell Scripts
Cutwail Dridex
2020-10-19IBM SecurityChen Nahman, Limor Kessem, Ofir Ozer
New Vizom Malware Discovered Targets Brazilian Bank Customers with Remote Overlay Attacks
2020-05-11SecurityIntelligenceLimor Kessem, Nir Shwarts
Zeus Sphinx Back in Business: Some Core Modifications Arise
Zeus Sphinx
2020-03-30IBMAmir Gandler, Limor Kessem
Zeus Sphinx Trojan Awakens Amidst Coronavirus Spam Frenzy
Zeus OpenSSL Zloader
2019-05-16SecurityIntelligenceLimor Kessem
GozNym Closure Comes in the Shape of a Europol and DOJ Arrest Operation
2019-04-04SecurityIntelligenceLimor Kessem, Nir Somech
IcedID Banking Trojan Spruces Up Injection Tactics to Add Stealth
2019-02-06SecurityIntelligenceItzik Chimino, Limor Kessem, Ophir Harpaz
IcedID Operators Using ATSEngine Injection Panel to Hit E-Commerce Sites
2018-09-10SecurityIntelligenceLimor Kessem, Shahar Tavor
IBM X-Force Delves Into ExoBot’s Leaked Source Code
2018-09-04SecurityIntelligenceLimor Kessem, Maor Wiesen
CamuBot: New Financial Malware Targets Brazilian Banking Customers
2018-08-22IBMLimor Kessem
BackSwap Malware Now Targets Six Banks in Spain
2018-02-15SecurityIntelligenceLimor Kessem, Magal Baz, Ophir Harpaz
TrickBot’s Cryptocurrency Hunger: Tricking the Bitcoin Out of Wallets
2017-11-13SecurityIntelligenceLimor Kessem, Maor Wiesen, Tal Darsan, Tomer Agayev
New Banking Trojan IcedID Discovered by IBM X-Force Research
IcedID IcedID Downloader
2017-11-08SecurityIntelligenceGadi Ostrovsky, Limor Kessem
Overlay RAT Malware Uses AutoIt Scripting to Bypass Antivirus Detection
Overlay RAT
2017-10-11SecurityIntelligenceLimor Kessem
TrickBot Takes to Latin America, Continues to Expand Its Global Reach
2017-07-27Security IntelligenceLimor Kessem, Shachar Gritzman
After Big Takedown Efforts, 20 More BankBot Mobile Malware Apps Make It Into Google Play