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2023-12-14MandiantAdrian McCabe, Geoff Ackerman, Rufus Brown, Ryan Tomcik
Opening a Can of Whoop Ads: Detecting and Disrupting a Malvertising Campaign Distributing Backdoors
DanaBot DarkGate
2020-07-30Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Adrian McCabe, Alex Hinchliffe, Doel Santos, Robert Falcone
Threat Assessment: WastedLocker Ransomware
2020-04-14Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Adrian McCabe, Juan Cortes, Vicky Ray
Malicious Attackers Target Government and Medical Organizations With COVID-19 Themed Phishing Campaigns
Agent Tesla EDA2
2020-01-23Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Adrian McCabe, Unit42
The Fractured Statue Campaign: U.S. Government Targeted in Spear-Phishing Attacks
CARROTBALL CarrotBat Syscon