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2024-02-27BitSightAndré Tavares
Hunting PrivateLoader: The malware behind InstallsKey PPI service
PrivateLoader RisePro
2024-01-09BitSightAndré Tavares
Data Insights on AgentTesla and OriginLogger Victims
Agent Tesla OriginLogger
2023-03-28BitSightAndré Tavares
Tofsee Botnet: Proxying and Mining
2022-11-30BitSightAndré Tavares
Unpacking Colibri Loader: A Russian APT linked Campaign
Colibri Loader PrivateLoader
2022-08-31BitSightAndré Tavares
Tracking PrivateLoader: Malware Distribution Service
PrivateLoader RedLine Stealer SmokeLoader
2022-06-06André Tavares
Hunting PrivateLoader: Pay-Per-Install Service
2022-02-04BitSightAndré Tavares
FluBot Malware Persists: Most Prevalent In Germany and Spain