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2023-04-04Group-IBAndrey Zhdanov, Vladislav Azersky
The old way: BabLock, new ransomware quietly cruising around Europe, Middle East, and Asia
Rorschach Ransomware
2023-03-21Github (rivitna)Andrey Zhdanov
BlackCat v3 Decryptor Scripts
BlackCat BlackCat
2022-06-29Group-IBAndrey Zhdanov, Oleg Skulkin
Fat Cats - An analysis of the BlackCat ransomware affiliate program
BlackCat BlackCat
2021-12-09Group-IBAndrey Zhdanov, Dmitry Shestakov
Inside the Hive: Deep dive into Hive RaaS, analysis of latest samples
Hive Hive
2021-12-03Github (rivitna)Andrey Zhdanov
Hive Demo and IoCs
Hive Hive
2021-11-03Group-IBAndrey Zhdanov
The Darker Things BlackMatter and their victims
BlackMatter DarkSide BlackMatter DarkSide
2021-08-06Group-IBAndrey Zhdanov
It's alive! The story behind the BlackMatter ransomware strain
BlackMatter DarkSide BlackMatter DarkSide