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2024-02-07LumenBlack Lotus Labs
KV-Botnet: Don’t call it a Comeback
2023-12-13LumenBlack Lotus Labs
Routers Roasting on an Open Firewall: the KV-botnet Investigation
2023-08-17LumenBlack Lotus Labs
No Rest For The Wicked: HiatusRAT Takes Little Time Off In A Return To Action
2023-07-27X (@BlackLotusLabs)Black Lotus Labs
Tweet on update on AVrecon bot's migration to new infrastructure
2023-07-12LumenBlack Lotus Labs
Routers From The Underground: Exposing AVrecon
2023-06-01LumenBlack Lotus Labs
Qakbot: Retool, Reinfect, Recycle
2023-03-06LumenBlack Lotus Labs
New HiatusRAT Router Malware Covertly Spies On Victims
2022-09-28LumenBlack Lotus Labs
Chaos Is A Go-Based Swiss Army Knife Of Malware
Chaos Kaiji
2022-09-27Github (blacklotuslabs)Black Lotus Labs
Chaos Is A Go-Based Swiss Army Knife Of Malware (IOCs)
2022-06-28LumenBlack Lotus Labs
ZuoRAT Hijacks SOHO Routers To Silently Stalk Networks
ZuoRAT Cobalt Strike
2022-03-08LumenBlack Lotus Labs
What Global Network Visibility Reveals about the Resurgence of One of the World’s Most Notorious Botnets
2021-09-16LumenBlack Lotus Labs
No Longer Just Theory: Black Lotus Labs Uncovers Linux Executables Deployed as Stealth Windows Loaders
PrivetSanya Meterpreter
2021-08-11LumenBlack Lotus Labs
ReverseRat Reemerges With A (Night)Fury New Campaign And New Developments, Same Familiar Side-Actor
2021-06-22LumenBlack Lotus Labs
Suspected Pakistani Actor Compromises Indian Power Company with New ReverseRat
2020-11-20DomainToolsBlack Lotus Labs, Joe Slowik, Lumen
Current Events to Widespread Campaigns: Pivoting from Samples to Identify Activity
2020-10-12LumenBlack Lotus Labs
A Look Inside The TrickBot Botnet
2020-07-01CenturylinkBlack Lotus Labs
Alina Point of Sale Malware Still Lurking in DNS
Alina POS
2020-04-13CenturylinkBlack Lotus Labs
New Mozi Malware Family Quietly Amasses IoT Bots
2018-11-15CenturylinkLabsBlack Lotus Labs
Mylobot Continues Global Infections