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2022-03-04ImpervaNelli Klepfish
Imperva Mitigates Ransom DDoS Attack Measuring 2.5 Million Requests per Second
2021-10-13ImpervaRon Masas, Yohann Sillam
The ad blocker that injects ads
2021-09-13ImpervaDaniel Kerman
Attackers exploit CVE-2021-26084 for XMRig crypto mining on affected Confluence servers
2021-03-26ImpervaDaniel Johnston
Imperva Observes Hive of Activity Following Hafnium Microsoft Exchange Disclosures
2021-01-14ImpervaShiran Bareli
Python Cryptominer Botnet Quickly Adopts Latest Vulnerabilities
2017-03-29ImpervaDima Bekerman
New Mirai Variant Launches 54 Hour DDoS Attack against US College