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2024-02-07Medium s2wlabJiho Kim, Sebin Lee
Kimsuky disguised as a Korean company signed with a valid certificate to distribute Troll Stealer
AlphaSeed Appleseed Troll Stealer
2023-02-27Medium s2wlabJiho Kim, Lee Sebin
Lumma Stealer targets YouTubers via Spear-phishing Email
Lumma Stealer
2022-05-12Medium s2wlabJiho Kim
The History of BlackGuard Stealer
2022-04-01Medium s2wlabJiho Kim
Rising Stealer in Q1 2022: BlackGuard Stealer
2022-03-03Medium s2wlabJiho Kim
Deep Analysis of Redline Stealer: Leaked Credential with WCF
RedLine Stealer