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2023-12-27Kaspersky LabsBoris Larin, Georgy Kucherin, Igor Kuznetsov, Leonid Bezvershenko, Mikhail Vinogradov, Valentin Pashkov
Operation Triangulation: The last (hardware) mystery
TriangleDB Operation Triangulation
2023-12-13Kaspersky LabsGReAT
FakeSG campaign, Akira ransomware and AMOS macOS stealer
AMOS Akira Storm-1567
2023-12-05Kaspersky LabsSergey Puzan
BlueNoroff: new Trojan attacking macOS users
2023-11-10Kaspersky LabsAMR
Ducktail fashion week
2023-11-09Kaspersky LabsAlexander Kirichenko, Kirill Mitrofanov, Natalya Shornikova, Nikita Nazarov, Sergey Kireev, Vasily Berdnikov, Vladislav Burtsev
Modern Asian APT Groups
2023-10-27Kaspersky LabsKaspersky Team
Security Analyst Summit 2023: key research
2023-10-26Kaspersky LabsBoris Larin, Georgy Kucherin, Igor Kuznetsov, Leonid Bezvershenko, Valentin Pashkov
How to catch a wild triangle
TriangleDB Operation Triangulation
2023-10-23Kaspersky LabsGeorgy Kucherin, Leonid Bezvershenko, Valentin Pashkov
The outstanding stealth of Operation Triangulation
TriangleDB Operation Triangulation
2023-10-18Kaspersky LabsGReAT, Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT
Updated MATA attacks industrial companies in Eastern Europe
Dacls Unidentified 106
2023-10-17Kaspersky LabsGReAT
APT trends report Q3 2023
BadRory TetrisPhantom
2023-10-16Kaspersky LabsGReAT
A hack in hand is worth two in the bush
StrifeWater RAT Cyber Av3ngers
2023-08-30Kaspersky LabsDavid Emm
IT threat evolution in Q2 2023
3CX Backdoor Bankshot BLINDINGCAN GoldMax Kazuar QUIETCANARY tomiris GoldenJackal
2023-06-28Kaspersky LabsGReAT
Andariel’s silly mistakes and a new malware family
2023-06-22Kaspersky LabsGReAT
LockBit Green and phishing that targets organizations
LockBit LockBit
2023-06-21Kaspersky LabsGeorgy Kucherin, Igor Kuznetsov, Leonid Bezvershenko
Dissecting TriangleDB, a Triangulation spyware implant
2023-06-12Kaspersky LabsSergey Lozhkin
Sneaky DoubleFinger loads GreetingGhoul targeting your cryptocurrency
DoubleFinger GreetingGhoul
2023-06-05Kaspersky LabsHaim Zigel, Oleg Kupreev
Satacom delivers browser extension that steals cryptocurrency
2023-06-01Kaspersky LabsGeorgy Kucherin, Igor Kuznetsov, Leonid Bezvershenko, Valentin Pashkov
Operation Triangulation: iOS devices targeted with previously unknown malware
Operation Triangulation
2023-05-23Kaspersky LabsGiampaolo Dedola
Meet the GoldenJackal APT group. Don’t expect any howls
Jackal GoldenJackal
2023-05-19Kaspersky LabsGeorgy Kucherin, Igor Kuznetsov, Leonid Bezvershenko
CloudWizard APT: the bad magic story goes on
PowerMagic CloudWizard CommonMagic Prikormka