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Revenge RAT

aka: Revetrat

Actor(s): The Gorgon Group


According to Cofense, Revenge RAT is a simple and freely available Remote Access Trojan that automatically gathers system information before allowing threat actors to remotely access system components such as webcams, microphones, and various other utilities.

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Revenge RAT
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Revenge RAT
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2020-12-29UptycsAbhijit Mohanta
Revenge RAT targeting users in South America
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2019-09-19NSHCThreatRecon Team
Hagga of SectorH01 continues abusing Bitly, Blogger and Pastebin to deliver RevengeRAT and NanoCore
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2019-06-08YoroiDavide Testa, Luca Mella, Luigi Martire, ZLAB-Yoroi
The Evolution of Aggah: From Roma225 to the RG Campaign
Revenge RAT
2018-08-02Palo Alto Networks Unit 42David Fuertes, Josh Grunzweig, Kyle Wilhoit, Robert Falcone
The Gorgon Group: Slithering Between Nation State and Cybercrime
Loki Password Stealer (PWS) Nanocore RAT NjRAT Quasar RAT Remcos Revenge RAT
2017-07-08InfoSec Handlers Diary BlogXavier Mertens
A VBScript with Obfuscated Base64 Data
Revenge RAT

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