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2022-03-29Zero DayKim Zetter
Unmasking China’s State Hackers
2022-03-29zetter substackKim Zetter
Intrusion Truth - Five Years of Naming and Shaming China’s Spies
2022-01-21Zero DayKim Zetter
Hackers Were in Ukraine Systems Months Before Deploying Wiper
2022-01-18zetter substackKim Zetter
Dozens of Computers in Ukraine Wiped with Destructive Malware in Coordinated Attack
2021-08-04Zero DayKim Zetter
Pegasus Spyware: How It Works and What It Collects
2021-05-12Zero DayKim Zetter
Anatomy of a $2 Million Darkside Ransomware Breach
2021-04-16Zero DayKim Zetter
Sanctioned Firm Accused of Helping Russian Intelligence Was Part of Microsoft’s Early Vuln Access Program — MAPP
2020-12-19Yahoo NewsKim Zetter
Hackers last year conducted a 'dry run' of SolarWinds breach
2020-12-14Twitter (@KimZetter)Kim Zetter
Tweet thread on microsoft report on Solarwind supply chain attack by UNC2452
2020-07-15Yahoo NewsJenna McLaughlin, Kim Zetter, Sean D. Naylor, Zach Dorfman
Exclusive: Secret Trump order gives CIA more powers to launch cyberattacks
2019-10-03Kim Zetter
Researchers Say They Uncovered Uzbekistan Hacking Operations Due to Spectacularly Bad OPSEC
2019-09-02Yahoo NewsHuib Modderkolk, Kim Zetter
Revealed: How a secret Dutch mole aided the U.S.-Israeli Stuxnet cyberattack on Iran