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2022-10-24Medium CSIS TechblogBenoît Ancel
Chapter 1 — From Gozi to ISFB: The history of a mythical malware family.
Gozi ISFB Snifula
2022-08-08Medium CSIS TechblogBenoît Ancel
An inside view of domain anonymization as-a-service — the BraZZZerSFF infrastructure
Riltok magecart Anubis Azorult BetaBot Buer CoalaBot CryptBot DiamondFox DreamBot GCleaner ISFB Loki Password Stealer (PWS) MedusaLocker MeguminTrojan Nemty PsiX RedLine Stealer SmokeLoader STOP TinyNuke Vidar Zloader
2021-03-16Medium CSIS TechblogAleksejs Kuprins
The Brief Glory of Cabassous/FluBot — a private Android banking botnet
2021-01-25Medium CSIS TechblogBenoît Ancel
The Nemty affiliate model
2021-01-21Medium CSIS TechblogSøren Fritzbøger
Silencing Microsoft Defender for Endpoint using firewall rules
2020-06-25Medium CSIS TechblogAleksejs Kuprins
The RoamingMantis Group’s Expansion to European Apple Accounts and Android Devices
FakeSpy FunkyBot MoqHao
2020-02-07Medium CSIS TechblogBenoît Ancel
InstallCapital — When AdWare Becomes Pay-per-Install Cyber-Crime
DreamBot Glupteba
2019-09-03Medium CSIS TechblogAleksejs Kuprins
Analysis of Joker — A Spy & Premium Subscription Bot on GooglePlay