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2023-01-16Medium elis531989Eli Salem
Dancing With Shellcodes: Analyzing Rhadamanthys Stealer
2022-04-27Medium elis531989Eli Salem
The chronicles of Bumblebee: The Hook, the Bee, and the Trickbot connection
BumbleBee TrickBot
2022-02-16Medium elis531989Eli Salem
Highway to Conti: Analysis of Bazarloader
2021-09-21Medium elis531989Eli Salem
The Squirrel Strikes Back: Analysis of the newly emerged cobalt-strike loader “SquirrelWaffle”
Cobalt Strike Squirrelwaffle
2021-06-21Medium elis531989Eli Salem
Dissecting and automating Hancitor’s config extraction
2021-04-19Medium elis531989Eli Salem
Dancing With Shellcodes: Cracking the latest version of Guloader
2021-01-19Medium elis531989Eli Salem
Funtastic Packers And Where To Find Them
Get2 IcedID QakBot