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2023-07-25ZscalerMeghraj Nandanwar, Pradeep Mahato, Satyam Singh
Hibernating Qakbot: A Comprehensive Study and In-depth Campaign Analysis
2023-04-18ZscalerMeghraj Nandanwar, Shatak Jain
Introducing DevOpt: A Multifunctional Backdoor Arsenal
2023-03-31ZscalerMeghraj Nandanwar, Niraj Shivtarkar, Rohit Hegde
3CX Supply Chain Attack Campaign Campaign Analysis
3CX Backdoor
2023-03-27ZscalerMeghraj Nandanwar, Satyam Singh
DBatLoader: Actively Distributing Malwares Targeting European Businesses
DBatLoader Remcos
2023-03-01ZscalerMeghraj Nandanwar, Shatak Jain
OneNote: A Growing Threat for Malware Distribution
AsyncRAT Cobalt Strike IcedID QakBot RedLine Stealer