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2022-06-01Group-IBAlexander Badaev, Nikita Rostovcev
SideWinder.AntiBot.Script Analysis of SideWinder's new infrastructure and tool that narrows their reach to Pakistan
2021-08-05Group-IBNikita Rostovcev, Viktor Okorokov
Prometheus TDS The key to success for Campo Loader, Hancitor, IcedID, and QBot
Prometheus Backdoor Buer campoloader Hancitor IcedID QakBot
2021-06-10Group-IBNikita Rostovcev
Big airline heist APT41 likely behind massive supply chain attack
Cobalt Strike
2020-12-07Group-IBNikita Rostovcev
The footprints of Raccoon: a story about operators of JS-sniffer FakeSecurity distributing Raccoon stealer