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2021-06-01BitdefenderAlin Mihai Barbatei, Oana Asoltanei, Silviu Stahie
Threat Actors Use Mockups of Popular Apps to Spread Teabot and Flubot Malware on Android
Anatsa FluBot
2020-10-08BitdefenderAlin Mihai Barbatei, Elena Flondor, Liviu Aarsene, Oana Asoltanei
Fake Users Rave but Real Users Rant as Apps on Google Play Deal Aggressive Adware
2020-09-24BitdefenderAlexandra Bocereg, Bogdan Botezatu, Ioan-Septimiu Dinulica, Oana Asoltanei
Apps on Google Play Tainted with Cerberus Banker Malware
2020-06-19BitdefenderAlin Mihai Barbatei, Denis Cosmin Nutiu, Oana Asoltanei
BitterAPT Revisited: the Untold Evolution of an Android Espionage Tool
AndroRAT Artra Downloader Bitter RAT HAZY TIGER
2020-03-31BitdefenderAlin Mihai Barbatei, Ioan-Septimiu Dinulica, Oana Asoltanei
Infected Zoom Apps for Android Target Work-From-Home Users