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2021-10-21MalwarebytesPieter Arntz
Chrome targeted by Magnitude exploit kit
2021-03-09MalwarebytesPieter Arntz
Microsoft Exchange attacks cause panic as criminals go shell collecting
2020-12-15MalwarebytesPieter Arntz
Threat profile: Egregor ransomware is making a name for itself
2020-08-13MalwarebytesPieter Arntz
Chrome extensions that lie about their permissions
2020-07-10MalwarebytesPieter Arntz
Threat spotlight: WastedLocker, customized ransomware
2020-02-10MalwarebytesAdam Kujawa, Chris Boyd, David Ruiz, Jérôme Segura, Jovi Umawing, Nathan Collier, Pieter Arntz, Thomas Reed, Wendy Zamora
2020 State of Malware Report
magecart Emotet QakBot REvil Ryuk TrickBot WannaCryptor
2017-10-31MalwarebytesPieter Arntz
Analyzing malware by API calls