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2024-04-02Check Point ResearchAntonis Terefos, Raman Ladutska
Agent Tesla Targeting United States & Australia: Revealing the Attackers' Identities
Agent Tesla
2023-05-04Check Point ResearchAlex Shamshur, Raman Ladutska, Sam Handelman
Eastern Asian Android Assault - FluHorse
2023-03-14Check Point ResearchBohdan Melnykov, Raman Ladutska
South Korean Android Banking Menace - Fakecalls
2022-05-31Check Point ResearchAlexey Bukhteyev, Raman Ladutska
XLoader Botnet: Find Me If You Can
2022-04-07CheckpointAlex Shamshur, Raman Ladutska
Google is on guard: sharks shall not pass!
2022-02-16Check Point ResearchAliaksandr Trafimchuk, Raman Ladutska
A Modern Ninja: Evasive Trickbot Attacks Customers of 60 High-Profile Companies
2021-12-08Check Point ResearchAliaksandr Trafimchuk, David Driker, Raman Ladutska, Yali Magiel
When old friends meet again: why Emotet chose Trickbot for rebirth
Emotet TrickBot
2021-07-27Check PointAlexey Bukhteyev, Raman Ladutska
Time-proven tricks in a new environment: the macOS evolution of Formbook
2021-01-12CheckpointAlex Shamshur, Aviran Hazum, Israel Wernik, Ohad Mana, Raman Ladutska
Going Rogue- a Mastermind behind Android Malware Returns with a New RAT
HawkShaw Rogue