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2021-04-12Trend MicroDon Ovid Ladores, Frankylnn Uy, Junestherry Salvador, Lala Manly, Raphael Centeno
A Spike in BazarCall and IcedID Activity Detected in March
BazarBackdoor IcedID
2021-03-04Trend MicroDon Ovid Ladores, Junestherry Salvador, Raphael Centeno
New in Ransomware: AlumniLocker, Humble Feature Different Extortion Techniques
2021-02-05Trend MicroDon Ovid Ladores, Junestherry Salvador, Llalum Victoria, Monte de Jesus, Nikko Tamana, Raphael Centeno
New in Ransomware: Seth-Locker, Babuk Locker, Maoloa, TeslaCrypt, and CobraLocker
Babuk TeslaCrypt
2020-12-18Trend MicroJunestherry Salvador, Matthew Camacho, Raphael Centeno
Negasteal Uses Hastebin for Fileless Delivery of Crysis Ransomware
Agent Tesla Dharma
2020-09-22Trend MicroDon Ladores, Raphael Centeno
Mispadu Banking Trojan Resurfaces
2020-09-21Trend MicroRaphael Centeno
Cybercriminals Distribute Backdoor With VPN Installer
2020-05-21Trend MicroLlallum Victoria, Raphael Centeno
Backdoor, Devil Shadow Botnet Hidden in Fake Zoom Installers
2019-05-08Trend MicroRaphael Centeno
Dharma Ransomware Uses AV Tool to Distract from Malicious Activities
2018-05-01Trend MicroRaphael Centeno
Legitimate Application AnyDesk Bundled with New Ransomware Variant