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2022-09-13Sansec Threat ResearchSansec Threat Research Team
Magento vendor Fishpig hacked, backdoors added
2022-02-08SansecSansec Threat Research Team
NaturalFreshMall: a mass store hack
2021-11-24SansecSansec Threat Research Team
CronRAT malware hides behind February 31st
2021-11-18SansecSansec Threat Research Team
Linux malware agent hits eCommerce sites
2020-12-02SansecSansec Threat Research Team
Persistent parasite in EOL Magento 2 stores wakes at Black Friday
2020-11-26SansecSansec Threat Research Team
Payment skimmer hides in social media buttons
2020-07-06SansecSansec Threat Research Team
North Korean hackers implicated in stealing from US and European shoppers
2020-06-15SansecSansec Threat Research Team
Magecart strikes amid Corona lockdown